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Atheist reissues set for release

Sat, July 16, 2005 7:29 PM PT2,583 views

Details regarding the reissue of three Atheist albums have been released. The albums "Elements" and "Unquestionable Presence" will be released on August 30th (September 5th in Europe) via Relapse Records, while Relapse will release "Piece Of Time" on September 13th (September 19th in Europe). Here's a statement from Atheist guitarist/vocalist Kelly Shaefer regarding the reissues: "We could not be more proud of the job done on these reissues by the folks at Relapse. When this Atheist re-issue project started unfolding, I wanted them to be treated with the same care as if they were new releases. Now that they are done I can say 110% that this is the quintessential Atheist collection! It includes all the original classics plus tons of bonus tracks, incredible liner notes, and photos even the band has never seen until now. The art is expanded and more vibrant than ever and the sound has been remastered to pristine metal standards! The attention to detail in these reissues is outstanding and even if you had owned the records in their original pressings, you must have this in your collection as they are the definitive versions of the Atheist records."

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