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Bongzilla record new album

Friday, July 15, 2005 8:04 PM PT / 2,821 views

Bongzilla have nearly completed work on their third full-length, "Amerijuanican." The effort was recorded at Coney Island Studios and mixed at Smart Studios with engineer Wendy Schneider. Tracks include "Weedy Woman", "Kash Under Glass", and "Amerijuanican." Here's a statement from frontman Muleboy: "In a time when the U.S. supreme court has decided to outlaw medicinal marijuana, the Patriot Act has taken away freedoms our founding fathers granted in our constitution and the U.S., in engaging in a war for oil we can not win... shouldn't we as Americans be angry? 'Born in the USA, an Amerijuanican by the grace of God.' Our forefathers were Amerijuanicans! It's time to stand tall for what we believe in and Amerijuanican rings Loud and Clear how I feel." The album will hit stores this fall through Relapse Records.

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