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Curl Up And Die tour schedule

Curl Up And Die have lined up dates for an August tour. Here's the latest: 8/1 Myrtle Beach SC @ The Social 8/2 Charlotte NC @ The Milestone 8/3 Greensboro NC @ Green St Club 8/4 Norfolk VA @ The Spot 8/6 Lexington KY @ Art's Place Performance Hall 8/7 Nashville TN @ The Muse 8/8 Memphis TN @ The Complex 8/9 Louisville KY @ Keswick Democratic Club 8/10 Auburn IN @ Cup A Joes 8/11 DeKalb IL @ The House Cafe 8/12 Lansing MI @ Mac's Bar 8/15 Huntington WV @ HYAMP 8/16 Penn Run PA @ Penn Run Fireball 8/17 Fredricksburg VA @ KC's 8/18 Philadelphia PA @ Newman Center @ Drexel University 8/19 Trenton NJ @ Hellfest 8/20 Trenton NJ @ Hellfest 8/21 Trenton NJ @ Hellfest 8/22 Setauket NY @ The Fellowship Hall 8/24 Wallingford CT @ Wallingford Am. Legion 8/25 Cotuit MA @ Sons of Italy 8/26 Bucksport ME @ The Kave 8/27 Poughkeepsie NY @ Club Crannel 8/28 Buffalo NY @ Showplaace Theatre


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sacralplexus 7/8/2005 10:49:12 PM


xcowabungax 7/8/2005 11:13:56 PM

will see them at hellfest

whitelambpowergoat 7/8/2005 11:32:31 PM


XCrandallX 7/8/2005 11:33:34 PM

Awesome band, about time

xgabex 7/8/2005 11:40:40 PM

played with these guys 3 times and never met them.

crowflier 7/8/2005 11:54:07 PM

wow, a cape cod date. wish more bands would stop out here....

dutchstep 7/9/2005 12:08:09 AM

will play with them at penn run fire"ball" which is in penn run, not erie

Jay 7/9/2005 12:13:05 AM

Contuit?! Too not boston, no care.

Selvin 7/9/2005 12:41:04 AM

It'd be nice for them to headline in Toronto, but at least they're direct support for FBTMOF's tour. :D

SeveredInTwo 7/9/2005 1:13:20 AM

curl up and cry*

ToDieFor 7/9/2005 1:22:43 AM

great. play Dekalb, IL. how bout EVERYONE play Dekalb, IL now that I fcking left that place. fck!

mattack 7/9/2005 2:00:27 AM

August 4th w/ Horse the Band and the Motto @ the beach will ruleeeee

perilsofreasoning 7/9/2005 2:16:54 AM

my band playing 8/25 sons of italy. i hear good things about this place

scenepoints 7/9/2005 9:19:50 AM

ultra gay band.

xtroyx 7/9/2005 10:10:25 AM

fcking amazing. cant wait to see them again.

har_har 7/9/2005 10:54:36 AM

way to skip baltimore jerks

crestfallenphoto 7/9/2005 1:28:04 PM

sweet dudes

xrebelheartsx 7/9/2005 2:16:08 PM

8/17.... yes.

PeeGeeCee 7/9/2005 9:39:58 PM

good band....:( no dc/bmoore?

hall_of_wax 7/10/2005 2:47:58 AM

why would anyone ever want to play texas? -Curl_up_and_die

SMokeOutLoud 7/11/2005 9:31:13 AM

"Penn Run PA" where the monkey-fck is that shit??????????

disconnect 7/11/2005 2:25:42 PM

no cali dates? party.

fashioncorefags 7/11/2005 3:38:52 PM

no new orleans because new orleans sucks and is full of punx

bigscarymonster 7/12/2005 3:21:06 AM

Lansing show will be there hooray.

xedgexenglishx 7/12/2005 11:18:17 AM

awesome band and ill see them every show..and oh yeah severed in two, you are a gay.

fashioncorefags 7/12/2005 11:26:16 AM

curl up and die are touring in july, too. theyre doing baton rouge tomorrow night. anyone see the irony in the high level of sexually transmitted diseases relevant to BR's population and the translation of the cities name?

godless 7/12/2005 1:54:55 PM

fck this band

fashioncorefags 7/14/2005 10:35:29 AM

i saw these guys last night in Baton Rouge. always a good fcking time(the band, not Baton Rouge). go see them if you can.

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