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Anodyne call it quits

Anodyne have officially broken up. Frontman Mike Hill told Lambgoat earlier today that "It's been sort of in the back of everybody's mind for the last several months. I think we pretty much did everything we can do musically." Formed in 1997, over the years the band has released records with Escape Artist Records, Happy Couples Never Last Records, Alone Records, and Level Plane Records, among others. Mike Hill also added that he will soon appear in a new band with Dave Witte (ex-Burnt By The Sun, Municipal Waste, etc.) and Jamie Getz (ex-Lickgoldensky, ex-Turmoil). The group will likely enter the studio late this summer, and begin touring early next year.


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santaisinmybasement 7/7/2005 8:10:28 PM


thenistabbedhim 7/7/2005 8:20:53 PM

Season of breaking up bands

tim 7/7/2005 8:38:17 PM

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but I bet that new band is intense

Jayson 7/7/2005 8:41:48 PM

The new band sounds promising. Yes, very much so indeed. RIP Anodyne

picturesofme 7/7/2005 8:58:37 PM

fck. hopefully the new band will be a fitting replacement.

XCrandallX 7/7/2005 9:02:25 PM

Congrats to Dave Witte being in every single the same time...

xgabex 7/7/2005 9:14:47 PM

this band ruled.

13225 7/7/2005 9:19:02 PM

saw them with ed gein in NYC and they kicked ass. good luck to them in the future in whatever they do.

xannebowmanx 7/7/2005 9:20:45 PM

Bah! .....

xtroyx 7/7/2005 9:28:55 PM

noooooooo. i fcking love this band. i never got to see them, but i imaginge great things. new project defintely sparks my interest though.

likewoa 7/7/2005 9:37:04 PM

that band was too talented to be ignored for their whole career

heyfuker 7/7/2005 9:39:17 PM

This band was better than 98% of the bands that are posted here.

fsovercrooks 7/7/2005 9:43:26 PM

Sure bud....sure. Dave witte must love remembering 467382985147389 songs from his 567483 bands

holycitybradley 7/7/2005 10:20:37 PM

more bad news on a generally shitty day. Look forward to new project

brendanmnrtms 7/7/2005 10:29:00 PM

Anodyne is a band whose mark will las a long time. 20 years from now people won't be talking about 99 percent of the bands that are popular today, but they will be talking about anodyne. Great dudes. Great band. Will be missed

solideogloria 7/7/2005 10:36:00 PM

lame shit. this was a great band. let's hope this new band is just as good.

hecktopay 7/7/2005 10:52:17 PM

somewhere the singer of Wetnurse sits alone...bummed.

RobertRedford 7/7/2005 10:56:26 PM

Boo..... but the follow up group sounds very promising!

axl_bundy 7/7/2005 11:21:55 PM

i'll be damned

nashvegas 7/7/2005 11:42:42 PM

saw them last year play here with Ed Gein and i thought they were amazing.. this sucks. the new band sounds promising fo' sure

gozer 7/8/2005 12:15:50 AM

its like you cant start a new band unless you have an "EX" member from another band in it.

the_extremist 7/8/2005 12:37:58 AM

That really sucks, they were such an underrated band.. Saw em once a while back and the vocalist/guitarist has crazy fast fingers, the chicks must love him

emoxfag 7/8/2005 12:47:48 AM

best band nobody ever heard. they were all super guys and i hope to hear from more of them in the future.

xdxmx 7/8/2005 1:19:05 AM

they were awesome and will be missed... but the new band sounds rad!

anaturaldisaster 7/8/2005 1:27:35 AM

Good band, underrated. This kinda blows.

corycamefalling 7/8/2005 2:24:08 AM

fcking fck fck. shitty fcking news.

deadwithfear 7/8/2005 2:36:19 AM

this fcking sucks. but i can't wait to hear the new project.

likewoa 7/8/2005 6:35:30 AM

i saw them with hot cross and the drummer had me hypnotized, trying to keep up with that shit. i wish their records lived up to their live sound, then they'd have a really good legacy

ugly_old_guy 7/8/2005 6:56:28 AM

shitty penis dick news

theGODDAMNawesome 7/8/2005 7:06:46 AM


SMokeOutLoud 7/8/2005 9:19:02 AM

xCrandallx bes he and mike "general" patton need to do a two piece, all blast beats of movie scores!!!

mattmyblood 7/8/2005 9:29:46 AM

I dont get the hype.

pukey 7/8/2005 10:01:47 AM

the first time i saw ed gein, lickgoldensky broke up while on tour with them. now the second time i'm seeing ed gein, anodyne breaks up while on tour with them.

Lilykoto 7/8/2005 10:40:53 AM

They were amazing, definately an extremely powerful live show!!Badass as fck! New band sounds like it will be pretty awesome as well...

greaser 7/8/2005 12:13:44 PM

haha, true, LGS and Anodyne bust up after touring with EG. Good band, shitty news. New band should rule.

ghetto_paul 7/8/2005 12:54:34 PM

great band, great (LOUD) live... but something tells me that 75% of the people leaving comments about how much it sucks that they didn't have a bigger following never once bought an Anodyne album.

chrisd 7/8/2005 2:50:46 PM

booo!!!! suckage.

kermit 7/8/2005 2:54:56 PM

lifetime of gray skies is a great album. i'm not a drummer, but anodyne's guy sounds absofckinglutely amazing. RIP.

stabface 7/8/2005 6:13:31 PM

i hear Dave witte is in the works of joining the heavy hitter Atyreu.

Radish 7/8/2005 8:36:52 PM

loudest band ever

crestfallenphoto 7/8/2005 10:22:59 PM

awesome band, awesome dudes, great live show. so glad I got to play with them a number of times. rip dudez.

SeveredInTwo 7/9/2005 1:23:26 AM

good for them...

fuckedyourmomwithknives 7/9/2005 11:31:15 AM

fck this boring shitty band. i'm glad they broke up. it's amazing that so many people praise shit on this fcking site... it amazes me.

SeveredInTwo 7/9/2005 8:57:47 PM


HolyGhostOfAbraham 7/10/2005 12:17:38 AM

Average band at best......until lifetime of gray skies came out. That record was incredible. Way to end on a high note.

adam_hellbound 7/11/2005 2:41:44 PM

Mike Hill is one of the nicest dudes, EVER. Great great band. They will be missed.

fashioncorefags 7/11/2005 3:41:20 PM

atreyu are too talented grinding axe fcks to enlist dave witte's weak level 1 magic-using ass into their clan

corymonster 7/13/2005 10:40:49 AM

that sucks they're breaking up, but that new band sounds like it'll own

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