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108 to reunite at Hellfest

Tuesday, June 7, 2005 11:34 AM PT / 6,531 views
Nearly ten years after their "final" show, 108 have announced that they'll play a one-time set at this year's Hellfest in Trenton, NJ (8/19-8/21). The line-up will consist of Vic DiCara on guitar and backing vocals, Robert Fish on Vocals, Trivikrama dasa on bass, and Chris Daly on drums. The group intends to play songs from all three of their albums in addition to their final EP. Proceeds from their performance will be donated to the Vrindavana Food For Life organization. Here's what the band has to say about their appearance: "Although the lives of the members of 108 have certainly changed, the purpose of 108 remains the same: to play music that comes straight from the soul. We are playing a show again, ten years later, because we want the opportunity to once again transform our inner struggles, conflicts, and hopes into a form of music that pierces all illusions and awakens a mystical, spiritual awareness in ourselves and in our listeners."

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