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Himsa album and tour update

Himsa are now at Antfarm Studios in Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted) recording their next album, titled "Hail Horror," for Prosthetic Records. Song titles include "I, Possession", "They Speak In Swarms", "Wolf Child", "Seminal", "Calling In Silent", "Sleaze Evil", and "The Destroyer" and artwork will be handled by Stephen Kasner (Integrity). Meanwhile, the group will touring in June and July with The Esoteric and The Agony Scene. Here are the dates that have been revealed thus far: 6/13 Sacramento CA @ Boardwalk w/ Scars Of Tomorrow 6/16 Hollywood CA @ Whisky w/ Scars Of Tomorrow 6/17 San Diego CA @ Soma 6/18 Tucson AZ @ Skrappys w/ Scars Of Tomorrow 6/19 Phoenix AZ @ Brickhouse w/ Scars Of Tomorrow 7/5 Lancaster PA @ The Chameleon 7/6 Farmingdale NY @ Downtown w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/7 New York NY @ CBGB w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/8 Albany NY @ Saratoga Winners w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/9 Springfield VA @ Jaxx w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/12 Jacksonville FL @ Jackrabbits w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/16 Nashville TN @ Exit/In w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/17 Springfield MO @ Rockwell w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/18 Kansas City MO @ El Torreon w/ Full Blown Chaos 7/20 Salt Lake City UT @ Lo-Fi Café w/ Full Blown Chaos


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thenistabbedhim 5/5/2005 9:35:14 PM

Frist post..

RonMexico 5/5/2005 9:38:27 PM

sorry bout that

thisaintsweettea 5/5/2005 9:55:06 PM


mobab 5/5/2005 10:41:41 PM

himsa live = the suck playground. full blown chaos live = fun playground

jefferson 5/5/2005 10:49:57 PM

bummer... they are a bad band

shredmyaxe 5/5/2005 10:49:59 PM

I may go for Agony Scene on 6/18, but the other bands blow monster c-ck. Call me crazy, but run-of-the-mill metalcore is a waste of time.

SeveredInTwo 5/5/2005 10:53:12 PM


evil_hero 5/5/2005 10:57:13 PM

himsa gay!!

jim_dangle 5/5/2005 11:11:25 PM

more like full blow GAYos

deadgeneration 5/5/2005 11:35:48 PM

himsa is awful. everyone around here (seattle area) is obsessed with them. pettibone is a dick too. fck this band.

Kevin_Lovelost 5/5/2005 11:45:26 PM

"I may go for Agony Scene on 6/18, but the other bands blow monster c-ck. Call me crazy, but run-of-the-mill metalcore is a waste of time"----------------------------I LOL'd

palmerlcc 5/6/2005 12:59:34 AM

awesome band...severed in two suck me hahahahaha

xtroyx 5/6/2005 12:59:44 AM

"I may go for Agony Scene on 6/18... run-of-the-mill metalcore is a waste of time." don't contradict yourself too much.

motherfckzombies 5/6/2005 1:35:45 AM

the songs sound like something Danzig would write...when i was saw em with bleeding through the singer looked like a danzig replica round the misfits era.....i heard he was with the girl from BT at that time too.

lefthandpath 5/6/2005 2:06:33 AM

fck all the haters...besides a halfrate singer Himsa own

deadgeneration 5/6/2005 2:21:45 AM

besides a far below halfrate singer, boring as fck live show, and shitty lyrics. himsa still....suck.

Dooder 5/6/2005 2:40:33 AM

Himsa fcking sucks

SeveredInTwo 5/6/2005 3:10:00 AM

palmerlcc, you like this band? damn your a fcking gay. Stick to sucking off Himsa n00b.

mobab 5/6/2005 3:49:27 AM

Like I said before, Himsa suck on disc and on stage. I didn't like Full Blown Chaos before I saw them live. But when I did, it rocked. Good band, good guys.

thegoddamnawesome 5/6/2005 7:14:21 AM

Himsa should just quit while they're behind.

Kramerica 5/6/2005 8:52:39 AM

Himsa=great/FBC=better...fck everyone the show at CBs will be fun

mefuckyeah 5/6/2005 9:55:36 AM

i could go......but i wouldnt have enough money for black eyeliner or eyeshadow and dont want to be seen with out it

Fraulein 5/6/2005 1:03:39 PM

Himsa is seriously terrible. You people who like them are some dumb motherfckers

loki 5/6/2005 1:17:51 PM

Himsa is fcking awful, I second the notion on them quiting while they're behind. FBC is fcking amazing however.

xannebowmanx 5/6/2005 3:00:02 PM

You forgot a word in this article.

jon_bovi 5/6/2005 6:30:59 PM

If you guys didn´t even like the bands why do you bother reading their posts and

jon_bovi 5/6/2005 6:46:29 PM

If you so dislike the band why are you reading their news and posting comments? Don´t you guys have any bands you DO like whose news you can read? For fcks sake, find something better to do

shredmyaxe 5/6/2005 8:42:04 PM

I guess you 2 gays have never listened to Agony Scene before, they're pretty talented, granted, they are metalcore, but not run-of-the-mill. I suggest you gays go back to listening to Atreyu like you did last year.

SeveredInTwo 5/7/2005 2:25:28 AM

The Agony Scene is just as shitty as atreyu n00b.

shredmyaxe 5/7/2005 1:51:31 PM

I think it's funny how you call everyone noobs when you started listening to metal about a week ago. I suggest you quit ripping everyone and get out of your mom's bastufft and listen to the fcking Meat Shits, you worhtless c*nt.

poopdood 5/7/2005 2:33:18 PM

i like himsa, i really do, but the song titles sound alot like something the misfits would come up with. please dont let me down fellas

SeveredIntwo 5/8/2005 1:54:04 AM

shredmyaxe, you dont listen to metal, you listen to unearth. Stop whining n00b.

shredmyaxe 5/8/2005 2:10:50 AM

Oh, wait that's right, My Chemical Romance was listed as a favorite band of yours not to long ago. Let's not kid ourselves, you're fcking gay moron.

SeveredIntwo 5/8/2005 4:30:44 AM

Your comebacks are pathetic. Stay in school and rock out to 18 fashions n00bler

shredmyaxe 5/8/2005 12:53:30 PM

18 Visions has been around for nearly 10 years, and is the foundation of metalcore. You listen to My Chemical Romance, just put down the Cheetos, stop playing Starcraft and get a job, you pathetic twat.

SeveredIntwo 5/8/2005 3:24:22 PM

metalcore sucks. 18 fashions suck. And iam sure as hell you sure and blow at the same time. Remember stay in school, and act tuff because you listen 18v.

shredmyaxe 5/8/2005 4:03:54 PM

I can't comprehend your post because you made grammatical errors out of stupidity. I don't know how to "sure and blow at the same time". Original comebacks with metalcore sucks and "18 fashions" sucks, are real creative. High five for dropping out!

SeveredIntwo 5/8/2005 11:05:19 PM


shredmyaxe 5/8/2005 11:45:38 PM

If there was a "Comback" award for anonymously slandering someone on the net, you would win, because you are the best at it. Have fun at shitty Junior College, you gay!

SeveredInTwo 5/9/2005 7:46:06 PM

just stop trying. you have 0 posts of gayry, you 15 year old gay n00b

shredmyaxe 5/10/2005 12:04:48 AM

"just stop trying. you have 0 posts of gayry, you 15 year old gay n00b" You just contradicted yourself, you fcking idiot. It would be nice to actually read your comebacks but I can't understand jibberish. I once was 15, that was 3 years ago.

SeveredInTwo 5/10/2005 11:25:01 PM

that kind of jibberish is LG talk n00b. Get with the program, like get with it like how you got into hardcore 5 months ago.

shredmyaxe 5/11/2005 1:53:41 AM

i don't go to hardcore shows, the only hardcore band I've seen was Earth Crisis, and it's the only one I would see. Your comebacks are so fcking stupid, you don't even know me.

xJOEx 5/11/2005 11:22:31 PM

Best argument ever

SeveredInTwo 5/12/2005 12:02:59 AM

^^ yeah i just tore this cry baby a new one

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