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Bolt Thrower set to record new full-length

Bolt Thrower are currently in the final stage of rehearsals for their eighth album. The band will enter Andy Faulkner's Sable Rose studios later this month to record the effort, which will be available in October/November via Metal Blade Records.


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sailor 5/3/2005 9:00:35 PM

first post

xtodayithawx 5/3/2005 9:01:16 PM

first view first post...SLAM!

xtodayithawx 5/3/2005 9:01:53 PM

you nautical fck

walkerTXranger 5/3/2005 9:04:42 PM

this is going to be awesome. or else...

cut_kill_stab_die 5/3/2005 9:04:43 PM

I cant wait, hope its as good as the last.

sailor 5/3/2005 9:05:28 PM

i got you good

brickhouz 5/3/2005 9:21:17 PM

cut_kill_stab_die, your opinion means nothing, since half your band list is fake. nor have you ever heard this cd. gay.

xRYBREADx 5/3/2005 10:39:11 PM

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolt Thrower owns all you hardcore homos. Thrash Thrash Thrash.

adam_hellbound 5/3/2005 10:41:33 PM

fckin' sweet.

HolyGhostOfAbraham 5/4/2005 5:50:14 AM

cut_kill_stab_die wrote "hope its as good as the last." Oh god, I hope not. That thing was terrible. I hope they got a new vocalist. What the hell is Karl Willets doing that is so goddamn important?

HolyGhostOfAbraham 5/4/2005 5:51:01 AM

Oh and this is way more important than bury your dead putting together a live album. Priorities.

bombs_away 5/4/2005 5:39:55 PM

i cant wait to hear the thursday singer on this!

HolyGhostOfAbraham 5/5/2005 3:04:47 AM

Well, anything is Better than Dave Ingram, but it seems that they have once again recruited Karl Willets as their full time vocalist. See, I knew he wasn't doing shit.

thetasteofsilver 5/5/2005 10:07:02 PM

I bet this album has songs about war and strategy.

yeast_infection 5/6/2005 3:25:02 PM

bolt thrower's stuff from the early 90's rules

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