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Soilent Green set title for record

Saturday, January 20, 2001 12:46 PM PT / 2,182 views
Soilent Green have set the title for their upcoming album to "The Devil Wears A Lamb's Skin". The record will be the group's third full-length and should see a release in late May/early June. Bill Sienkiewicz will be providing the artwork for the release. Sienkiewicz has previously been involved in such notable projects at The Matrix, The Grinch, and The Green Mile. A partial list of tracks include "Later Days", "Daydreaming The Color Of Blood", "An Addict's Lover", "She Cheated On You Twice", "Last One In The Noose", "Hand Me Downs", "A Grown Man", "Afterthought Of Genius", "Clockwork Of An Innocence", and a re-working of "Swallow Whole" from their previous split 10" with Grief.

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