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Himsa set to enter studio

Seattle's Himsa are currently preparing to enter Antfarm Studios in Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted) to begin recording their new album. Titled "Hail Horror," the album is tentatively slated for a September release via Prosthetic Records.


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wyatt 4/2/2005 9:41:50 AM


battles 4/2/2005 10:13:00 AM

2nd Post !!!!!!!!!

thegoddamnawesome 4/2/2005 10:29:23 AM


mydixiewrecked 4/2/2005 11:26:29 AM

CD will be gayer than lambgoat

xtroyx 4/2/2005 12:23:24 PM


phobophile 4/2/2005 12:38:46 PM


WeedySpecies 4/2/2005 1:05:30 PM

made it to the top 10....

nashvegas 4/2/2005 1:08:25 PM

i like this band..looking forward to the new release

coolbag 4/2/2005 1:11:11 PM

alien antfarm studios

natexnathan 4/2/2005 2:23:35 PM

himsa is fcking badass....i really love the NO CARE EVER post that are on lambgoat..obviously care enough to make themselves known they dont like a band to have an attempt to make themselves look like their bands are more obscure or something?

SeveredInTwo 4/2/2005 4:51:37 PM

I didnt think it was possible, but Himsa both sucks and blows at the same time.

phobophile 4/2/2005 5:37:13 PM

i can't decipher what you are trying to say natexnathan. learn how to speak coherent english please. and to explain my above post, i would just like to say that himsa is one of the most generic, predictable, fcking shitty bands around.

vegans_taste_good 4/2/2005 6:30:57 PM

take out the horrible vocals, and you have music that is average.

shredmyaxe 4/3/2005 3:55:01 AM

*Yawn* Let's hear it for average metalcore!

monarchy 4/3/2005 5:05:03 AM

Himsa is good, fun stuff.. this should be good.

steve_cannae 4/3/2005 12:16:27 PM

they're totally hailing our last album. would it be considered bad form to name an album almost like another band on the same label already released?

poopdood 4/4/2005 7:23:12 PM

himsa is pretty cool. looking forward to the new stuff.

tiger 4/5/2005 1:57:54 AM

yeah, rotton music.

margaretyang 4/5/2005 2:17:48 PM

Himsa equals HOT TOPIC bullshit. HImsa can burn in the studio....

dutchstep 4/5/2005 3:25:36 PM

i always get himsa and cannae mixed up. true story. i bet the singer wears his own Himsa band shirt the entire time they record this album.

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