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Into The Moat, Psyopus, Animosity tour

Dates are starting to come in for the upcoming Into The Moat, Psyopus, Animosity, and Summers End tour. More shows will be announced, but here's what we know: 4/18 Augusta GA @ Sector 7G 4/20 Myrtle Beach SC @ The Limelight 4/23 Fredericksburg VA @ KC’s 4/29 Memphis TN @ The Complex 4/30 Baton Rouge LA @ The Darkroom 5/1 Houston TX @ Walters on Washington 5/5 Corona CA @ Showcase Theatre


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bastardmaker 3/4/2005 9:23:59 AM

im there dude

XdougX 3/4/2005 9:24:58 AM

first post

XdougX 3/4/2005 9:25:25 AM

damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave2112 3/4/2005 9:36:02 AM

Will be there...somewhere.

agent_friday 3/4/2005 9:49:12 AM

nice midwest dates, jerks.

ghetto_paul 3/4/2005 10:44:22 AM

come to Boston you fcks!!!!!!!

monarchy 3/4/2005 11:36:59 AM

5/5 will be there

lloydbanksgunit 3/4/2005 11:38:27 AM

new england bitches...cmon

deadwithfear 3/4/2005 11:40:44 AM

small strings of dates like these should not be called tours. fck this. where's chicago

cheesewhizzy 3/4/2005 11:43:11 AM

this is like only a week of the tour there will be like a whole months worth of other dates.

hoffa 3/4/2005 11:52:02 AM

psyopus is playing in chicago on march 16 at the ice factory.

hxcobd 3/4/2005 12:19:29 PM

Great, great tour. I'd love to see Psyopus and Summer's End at one show. However, I'll be back in Maine during the fcking Chicago date.

hardware 3/4/2005 12:47:24 PM

I need to continue talking shit about psyloppyopus. That band is horrible. I have never heard such a sloppy mess trying to call themselves a band. AC was tighter.

crimsoneyes 3/4/2005 1:20:06 PM

umm yes, this tour should rule.

Kefka 3/4/2005 1:48:57 PM


xadfx 3/4/2005 4:01:47 PM

Northwest dates PLEASE!!!!

RustyPS 3/4/2005 5:24:47 PM


Behran 3/4/2005 5:28:59 PM

You can call Psyopus a lot of things. I can see how you could just look at them as a gigantic guitar masturbation. But after seeing them live a couple of times, I have no idea how you'd call them sloppy.

SeveredIntwo 3/4/2005 5:41:27 PM

will be there 5/5 Corona CA @ Showcase Theatre

say10 3/4/2005 6:48:34 PM

dude, wtf? you guys best be coming to tallahassee

buckwheat 3/4/2005 7:00:32 PM

Me too severed, omg we should do it.

circus_muzik 3/4/2005 7:10:09 PM

will be there at the sweaty SHOEcase theatre. severedinshit fckin weak dood..

SeveredInTwo 3/4/2005 9:06:21 PM

circus_muzik is a gimmick

cydrx 3/4/2005 10:16:54 PM

into the moat is playing a grip of shows out west i wonder why that is

circus_muzik 3/4/2005 11:21:23 PM

too bad you dont know what a gimmick is. dumbfck gore wannabe.

SeveredInTwo 3/4/2005 11:49:33 PM

your a n00b, you god damn jew baby!

circus_muzik 3/4/2005 11:52:26 PM

too bad you were listening to atreyu yesterday.

SeveredInTwo 3/5/2005 12:44:52 AM

atleast i dont dance in my room to them, you god damn nu jack! just shut the fck up already

myfistyourface 3/5/2005 1:15:36 AM

Severedxinxtwo has the worst comebacks on this board. Next to auschwitzslaughter

brodowntonight 3/5/2005 1:19:22 AM


xonexwingedxangelx 3/5/2005 1:23:12 AM

that myfistyourface is probably some gay that likes acacia strain

xkingxofxthexcore 3/5/2005 1:27:44 AM

hsaw aknow it playing this tour also

SeveredInTwo 3/5/2005 1:48:22 AM

myfistyourface you have 15 posts, you have no comebacks if any, go suck on your friends wang up there!

circus_muzik 3/5/2005 12:50:36 PM

damn. severed is just a gayort. weaaaak.

hardware 3/6/2005 9:19:25 PM

Behran I don't need to see them live to say the drummer is horrible. He writes complete garbage. He does nothing impressive. He hits something as fast as he can with one limb. gay!

natexnathan 3/7/2005 12:03:12 AM

fcking awesome tour

TheWood 3/7/2005 2:40:07 PM

Psyopus is in serious need of a name change.

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