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Love Is Red loses members

Contrary to rumors, Love Is Red have not broken up. However, the group has parted ways with bassist Jeff Yancey and vocalist Hunter Weeks. Consequently, the band has dropped off their April tour with Agnostic Front et al. Here's a statement from the band: "Hello everyone, Roger here to update the news for the first time ever. We will not be touring in April with Agnostic Front. We are very sorry to anyone who was excited to see us but we've seriously had a very stressful beginning for 2005. A lot of opportunities have come up for us and a lot of tragedies. Love is Red has withstood the tests and trials that we have been given since our beginning, and we are definitely prepared to endure anything that comes our way now. The latest news is, as already known, that Jeff Yancey will be parting ways with us. Jeff has a lot of responsibilities that he has to take care of and we understand that, and support him in whatever he has to do down the road. We will also be parting ways with long time vocalist Hunter Weeks. This also comes as a shock to many, but Hunter has decided that it's best for him to move on in life. At times peoples interests and beliefs change, I know my own views in life have changed and made me a stronger person morally/politically as anyone who has come in contact with me or known me for years can tell you, but it's true that peoples' beliefs and interests do change and it's best to say our goodbyes before things affect everyone that is involved. This leaves us in a very stressful but exciting predicament. Kyle and I have been working on new songs and are really anxious about getting them recorded, we love the way that they are sounding, and we have a very good outlook for Love Is Red's future. Love is Red is going to be taking a little time off from the road and taking time to regroup, write music, and record. We have no plans of calling it quits any time soon and are looking forward to getting back in gear and on the road in the future. We will be posting new news about new members, what we are looking for musically, and things of that nature so keep your eyes open for new developments as they come along. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and been there for us, this is why we decide to keep going, because we love what we do and we love the people that have given us the opportunity to share our music with; Our friends, family, and anyone who supports us by coming to shows or listening to are the reason we continue doing what we do.

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