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Embrace Today recording new album

Hardcore band Embrace Today are currently in the process of recording their next album. Tracking is taking place at Massachusetts' Q-Division studios (Between The Buried And Me) with engineer Michael Poorman (Hot Rod Circuit) and Godcity studios (Converge). Entitled "We Are The Enemy," the record will hit stores this summer through Deathwish Inc.


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theturnon 2/26/2005 1:35:29 PM

first post, i care

Doogie 2/26/2005 1:36:35 PM

xcaresx furiously

hXc 2/26/2005 1:44:19 PM

more like embrace the gay

SeveredInTwo 2/26/2005 1:51:34 PM

shitty band

eaglesbecomevultures 2/26/2005 2:03:55 PM

i hope there are songs about being straight edge!

xscottx 2/26/2005 2:20:07 PM

Itll be good.

xhulk_smashx 2/26/2005 3:29:28 PM

it will be good hopefully

caseyfuckingjones 2/26/2005 3:41:36 PM

fck you i'm edge

xTREVEDGEx 2/26/2005 5:17:23 PM

worst ever, break up already

mydixiewrecked 2/26/2005 6:28:30 PM

hit shit!!!1!111

eulogy_for_a_dream 2/26/2005 9:23:04 PM

play nyc goddamit.

XXX 2/26/2005 9:40:24 PM


a_new_religion 2/26/2005 10:07:42 PM

im not edge and i still like em.

theplowking 2/26/2005 11:26:46 PM

not that i like their older stuff, but i hear their newer stuff is generic metalcore and sucks beyond belief.

thekingoftown 2/27/2005 1:06:09 AM

good fcking band. fck everyone that says shit. Gettin fcking stoked about it bitches

xtroyx 2/27/2005 1:10:02 AM

yea i love this band. so much energy.

holycitybradley 2/27/2005 1:20:10 AM

fck everyone

thegoddamnawesome 2/27/2005 1:50:43 PM

fck you, they're edge.

ssd 2/27/2005 8:13:38 PM

I hope the recordings are better than their old stuff.

brodowntonight 2/27/2005 11:47:15 PM

They're pretty awesome, I'm somewhat looking forward to it.

obabmusic 2/28/2005 11:36:42 AM

the quality on the btbam albums arent that great, they should pick a good studio.

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