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Between The Buried And Me side project

Wednesday, February 9, 2005 3:07 PM PT

Thomas Rogers, frontman for Between The Buried And Me, has started an electronic project, called Giles (Rogers' middle name). Victory Records will release his new self-titled album, which was recorded and mixed by Jamie King, on April 19th. Here's how the label describes the material:

"Giles is an amalgamation of Tommy's love for electronic music and desire to do something creative and fresh. Giles can be described as a combination of electroclash and industrial music written with a metal mindset. Tommy wrote the self-titled debut album as he would’ve written songs for Between The Buried And Me, except this time, he wrote and programmed them on a keyboard. Giles sounds like a hodgepodge of Fischerspooner meets Diesel Boy meets Mike Patton."

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