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Into Eternity get new singer

Sun, January 9, 2005 10:41 AM PT4,208 views

Into Eternity have announced the addition of Omega Crom vocalist Stuie B. to their lineup. Stu will apparently replace Chris Krall, who left the group last year. Here's a statement (posted on the band's website) from guitarist Tim Roth: "We have spent a week jamming as a band again. The rehearsals went very well for us. Stu flew in from Vancouver on Monday the 3rd. The very first day, Stu had learned about 11 songs! He actually sang them all and we were surprised by that. By weeks end, he had most of the kinks out and we are sounding pretty tight. Stu has a really great high falsetto voice, which has some Rob Halford influence in it. The high parts on Buried In Oblivion are no problem for him and he is nailing all the parts like a pro! Another bonus is his death vocals. Stu has no problem hitting all the clean vocals and then switching into some death voices as well. This diverse style is going to work well within the band. To top it all off, Stu has a great attitude and it an all around cool guy. Stu will be performing with Into Eternity on all future shows, including our upcoming tour with Amorphis in March. Hopefully everyone will come out to support the new line-up. I promise it won't disappoint!"

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