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Magic Bullet Records drops Fax Arcana

Baltimore's Fax Arcana (originally from Indianapolis and featuring former members of Usurp Synapse, among others) have officially been dropped by Magic Bullet Records, with whom they recently released a CDEP/7" and were slated to release a new full-length this year. Specific reasons behind the move haven't been disclosed, but here's a statement by Magic Bullet: "It sucked having to do this, but Fax Arcana is no longer part of the Magic Bullet family and was given their outright release earlier tonight. Please spare all the 'I told you so's. I am fully aware that you did and don't need to be reminded. Long story short, I've got a ton of Fax Arcana CDEP's and 7"s to unload cheap. After postage, all proceeds will be donated to these organizations: Battered Women's Justice Project, Johns Hopkins' End Violence Against Women Project, Jane Doe Inc., and other various domestic violence causes, particularly those in the Baltimore area. If you have an event/interview/article/whatever pending with Fax Arcana, I would appreciate no further mentioning of Magic Bullet in conjunction with the band. Thank you."

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