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Premonitions Of War lose another member

Tue, December 28, 2004 4:49 PM PT6,445 views

Premonitions Of War have once again parted ways with bassist Nick Hale. No official explanation regarding the departure has been offered, nor has a replacement been named. Hale originally left the group in November of 2003 before rejoining POW last April.


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dave 12/28/2004 4:53:33 PM

first post

hopesbleed 12/28/2004 5:14:35 PM

whats up with the first post bullshit? post if you have something to say. its not a contest. losers. POW are good guys. i wish them the best.

wyldweasil 12/28/2004 5:15:39 PM

this guy must be a pro-quitter. Make up your mind!

hxcobd 12/28/2004 5:19:43 PM

POW is amazing, I hope they don't fall apart.....

jew_oven 12/28/2004 5:22:42 PM

that band gay

SteveO 12/28/2004 5:24:16 PM

man, this really really sucks... hope they still can tour with BYD

xpoopx 12/28/2004 5:27:36 PM

fck BYD........ (damn 10 character limit)

dave 12/28/2004 5:28:25 PM

im sorry hopebleeds, i should have said "first post, POW sucks." i just forgot to add that last part

Fraulein 12/28/2004 5:45:59 PM

Jesus Christ. This band is falling apart before my eyes. They're just not the same.

13225 12/28/2004 6:06:13 PM

they need thier old singer back

champ10n 12/28/2004 6:53:34 PM

First the tsunami and now this news...how will the world ever survive?

panzram 12/28/2004 7:44:36 PM

now if POW would only lose the rest of their members no one would ever have to listen to this garbage anymore

StreetForce 12/28/2004 9:05:13 PM

13th post

DROPDEAD 12/28/2004 9:39:05 PM

amazing band. hopefully everything works out with them.

ugly_old_guy 12/29/2004 1:14:34 AM

15th post­

dracula 12/29/2004 1:19:56 AM

he was kicked out the first time, and he was probably kicked out this time.

youisretarded 12/29/2004 4:08:53 AM

how in gods fcking name does this band qualify as "amazing"

gorilla_nuts 12/29/2004 8:55:53 AM

wonder whose next to leave the band?

xsnot3121x 12/29/2004 11:37:50 AM

Last time I checked grindcore was sweet..........o wait it wasnt

Kefka 12/29/2004 1:46:56 PM

Last time I checked POW weren't grind.....

assdestruction 12/29/2004 3:11:46 PM

Premonitions of Zao

hxcobd 12/29/2004 4:04:21 PM

Uhhhh, POW isn't grind, you fcking moron. Metallic hardcore, maybe. Either way, they fcking rule.

panzer 12/29/2004 6:04:56 PM

Metallic Hardcore? Just say metalcore ... geeze.

dick 1/2/2005 1:43:58 PM

that would have been sweet if i would have gotten the chance to try out for these guys but they found someone before i got the chance. that definitely sucks that they just lost another member.

bighead 1/24/2005 12:15:23 AM

Premonitions of Zao? You are a fcking moron. POW owns.

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