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Kublai Khan TX cancel Japan shows due to family emergency

Kublai Khan

Kublai Khan TX will not be heading to Japan this week to perform the previously announced tour with Prompts, which include a performance at Bloodaxe Festival. Unfortunately the health of frontman Matt Honeycutt's father is "slowly sinking" during his battle with cancer.

Honeycutt has posted the following statement:

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I say we will be unable to leave the country to fulfill our Japanese shows or the Bloodaxe Festival. As many of you know, DW (my adopted father) has been battling cancer, completing 12 rounds of chemo as well as radiation at the age of 91. To put this in perspective: he has now reached a point that I must intervene and make decisions for him. His physical and cognitive health are slowly sinking to a state where he can't care for himself properly.

Despite that, I'm so proud of how far he's come and his will to maintain himself the best he can. I've been spending our Texas shows traveling back to be with him while in the state, and it's abundantly apparent that major changes have to be made to his healthcare and living arrangements immediately.

I feel a sense of guilt and shame for letting down our friends in Japan. But the guilt and shame I'd feel if I didn't stay and protect DW dwarfs those thoughts and feelings. So I must apologize while also doing my job as a son and a man. I am not Japanese, but I have always respected and admired the dedication the Japanese nation holds towards their families and elders. So I must now do what needs to be done back in Texas for the only real family I have left on this earth. Thank you for understanding, and I hope we will be allowed to return at some point.

And for everyone who's kept up with DW's health and wellbeing, thank you.

Thank you from the last two Honeycutts in our bloodline.
–Matt Honeycutt


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