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Máu and Wander gear and van stolen in Oakland

mau stolen van

Oakland, CA-based 4-piece screamo outfit Máu and California post rock unit Wander were preparing for their journey to Los Angeles, CA to perform at Your Renaissance Fest, but unfortunately both parties fell victim to auto theft when Wander's van was stolen from Máu's home garage and to make things worse both bands had a hefty amount of equipment in the van when it was stolen.

Both bands have shared a list of items that we taken and have asked for any help in returning those items in hopes to still perform this coming weekend.

Máu shared the following:

While we were prepping to tour to LA for @yr.renaissance fest, we were devastated to find that the @wander_band van was stolen out of our home garage in Oakland along with all of our music gear in it.

We had built up our gear over many years, some of which we had since we first started playing music over a decade ago. While some things can eventually be replaced, the sentimental value cannot.

Please help us keep an eye out for any of the missing items and please boost this post!

We really appreciate all the support we've received in terms of everyone spreading the word, keeping an eye out, and letting us borrow their gear and instruments so that we were still able to play our set on Friday!



Below is a list of missing items:

2006 White Ford E350 License Plate: 84579J2

Science Hellhawk amp head
Ceriatone Super Lead amp head

Fender Jazzmaster (Sonic Gray w/ Rosewood Neck and White Pearl Pickgaurd)
Fender Jazzmaster (Black)
Fender P Bass (left handed, 90s, Made in Korea)

Pork Pie 12x7 Little Squealer Snare Drum
DW5000 Double Bass Pedal
14" Zildjian A Custom Hi Hat (pair)
18" Zildjian A Custom Crash Cymbal
20" Sabian AAX Stage Ride Cymbal
21" Zildjian A Custom 20th Anniversary Ride Cymbal
7.5" Zildjian FX Zil-Bel Cymbal, Volcano Cup

Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 Bass Preamp Pedal
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion w/ Keely Mod
OCD Overdrive
Joyo JF-02
Eventide Pitchfactor
Boss TU-3
2 Hall of Fame reverbs
Westwood Translucent OD
DD-3 Delay

SP404 with Orange Knobs

#147 - Morgan Lander of Kittie

#146 - Steve Buhl of 200 Stab Wounds