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Omerta spark controversy over proper metal vocals, proclaiming "technique is for nerds"

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After sparking a heated X/Twitter debate, nu/metalcore band Omerta has once again found themselves at the center of attention. Self-proclaimed as "America's most hated boy band," they seem bent on maintaining that title as discourse was ignited when the band discussed "proper vocal technique" over the weekend. 

The band was looking to emphasize the emotional and raw nature of their music and vocal performances on their songs, starting a rather controversial discussion about authentic expression when it comes to vocals in heavy music.

Namedropping noted vocal coach Melissa Cross, who has worked with countless metal vocalists in refining their technique, Omerta said:

From the monotonous Melissa Cross-sterilized screams to the generic instrumentation, down to the popular but tacky production trend of roomy, poofy drums, this could be any of the songs our detractors shill on a daily basis. But it definitely couldn't be us.


Silent Planet vocalist Garret Russel, who has worked with Cross to refine his vocal technique, told Omerta to "keep a legends name out of your mouth," defending the vocal coach:



Omerta complimented Russel but dismissed his reply, saying:


Russel complemented them back, but was annoyed at Omerta's Twitter persona:


Omerta clarified:

Tbh the tweet got taken way out of context but clarifying things always dulls the impact. Truthfully, we employ her techniques for warmups and preservation LOL. We just used her name to communicate the science-ing of screaming — which is counterintuitive. We weren't hating on her…


Ultimately it seems the two parties came to some common ground:


The conversation expanded as others joined. Ryan Porter of The Angel Like Expression also questioned the mentioning of vocal coach Melissa Cross:

What did Melissa Cross do other than help folks not break their voice with improper technique T_T

Omerta replied:


Some agreed sarcastically:


Producer/guitarist Taylor Young chimed in saying:


Dying Wish vocalist Emma Boster also contributed her views to the conversation, saying:

Plenty of vocalists have had long and awesome careers without vocal training. The answer is get good. All the people in the replies are hilarious.

I've been doing vocals of varying styles for like 15 years, no lessons, no teachers, nothing. Just going hard and seeing what works. Lost my voice plenty of times and bounced back stronger than ever everytime. Literally just get good.

"Proper" technique when it comes to "harsh" vocals is such an oxymoron it's ridiculous. This shit was never about that and all proper technique brings to the table is monotony.

Not necessarily AGAINST it but that shit is not the Bible and should not be regarded as such.


Explaining what they thought were some "perfect" vocal performances, Omerta said:


In another response to Porter, they said:


So what should qualify as "good" technique to Omerta's ears?


Asked "What's wrong with Melissa Cross?" they said:


Summing it up, they say:


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