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XclocktowerX once again going viral over show, fans clean and mop up afterwards

lightsaber man at show 24

After going viral in the debut show in Holyoke, MA in March, XclocktowerX is once again making the internet rounds this morning due to their live performance. During the Ephya Showcase at The Beeracks in East Haven, CT, many of the label artist performed over the weekend at a two day event headlined by Balmora and xNomadx, however the internet seems to be focused on XclocktowerX once again.

XclocktowerX performed on Sunday, Day 2 of the showcase and it was truly a scene to be had. If you heard about their previous show you shouldn't be surprised that this time around the crowd would also get involved in the mayhem. Attendees could be seen tossing anything they could get their hands on; water bottles, chairs, trash cans, and there was even a person running around wielding a fake lightsaber. 




Though to the outsider who is not used to these antics, it would seem like pure chaos. However, directly after the set the band and attendees got down to business and cleaned up everything. Even mopped the floors. Hardcore shows get a bad wrap on social media due to the nature of how animated mosh pits can get, however this should shed light on the fact that it is chaos, but controlled chaos. No Injuries reported. 




In January, XclocktowerX released a 3-song EP Greatest Hits: Vol 2, which is out now via Ephyr. You can check it out below.



Not to be overshadowed by the madness of XclocktowerX's live set, another band from the weekend is also going viral. New Haven, CT's IN 2 AGAIN broke out into a cover of Linkin Park's "One Step Closer" and the crowd loved it. 



IN 2 AGAIN released It's All Red To Me, a 5-song EP in February; check it out below.


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