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Cradle of Filth's Ed Sheeran collaboration has blast beats and breakdowns according to Dani Filth

Ed Sheeran Dani Cradle of Filth

In a recent interview with the Australian Metal Roos podcast, Cradle of Filth's lead vocalist, Dani Filth, discussed the band's much-anticipated collaboration with mega-famous British pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran

During the conversation, Dani revealed that the song is "very catchy," but also "very heavy at the same time," and shared that even though the track features Sheeran, "it's still an extreme song." He claims that the track contains a blast beat and that although Sheeran is playing acoustic guitar, "he's got some breakdowns in it." 

Asked how the collaboration came together he said:

What happened was he released a record with "Bad Habits" and he was a vampire in it, and I can't remember what it was… There was some huge interview he did and they asked him about his growing up, and he said he was into Cradle and Slipknot and somehow our manager got in contact and put me in contact with him because he was an old fan. Then we decided it'd be fun to do a collaboration, which actually got off the ground. A year later, we actually did it. 

As for why the track didn't land on their new record:

It was going on this record, but chances are because we don't want to delay our record any longer than it can, it'll probably go on a special edition. That is because Ed's taking a blackout this year. No musical output. Of course, when you can't release it at the same time, his management would just like, 'You've got to appreciate, you can't release your single at the same time as one of Ed's single because it defeats the purpose.'

So there's a reason behind that, but it's not going to delay the inevitable. It's a great song anyway, and it just keeps people guessing that a little bit longer. But it also shows that we're not using it as a vehicle for the record, which I was very keen to stress that, yeah, he's one of the biggest artists in the world. Yes, we've done a thing with him. Yes, everybody's very curious about it. But at the same time, I don't want it to overshadow what we're doing because it's not a novelty song, although the ideology behind it is very novelty. I love the juxtaposition, the marriage of extremes, 'Who the hell would do this?' Well us for a start. So I'm happy with that. And I'm happy with the fact that it gets released under its own stream and not... I mean, obviously, everybody will make a big meal of it because it is what it is. But It takes the onus off us making a meal of it.

Asked if Ed Sheeran fans will be in for a shock, Dani explained:

I think so. I think they're going to be in for a shock because it's still an extreme song. There's still a blast beat on it. But it does sound like Ed Sheeran. It really does. It sounds like Ed Sheeran's singing with us, and he's got some breakdowns in it. He plays acoustic guitar. It's very catchy, but it's very heavy at the same time. 

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