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Cynic featured in Audiotree in-studio perfromance

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Floridian progressive metal outfit Cynic visited the Audiotree studio in Chicago, IL back in June 2023. Today, video and audio versions of the performance were shared with fans. 

Audiotree shared the following about the band and the performance:

Putting your creative process in words is difficult, but for Paul Masvidal, founding member of Cynic, his 30+ year musical career has given him a unique perspective on the mystery behind his creativity. The endless possibilities that avail themselves when on one removes their ego from the creative process is the entire ethos behind his music-making. Cynic's From Nothing, is not only a performance, but it's also a conversation with Masvidal about the journey he took to become the musician he is today. 

Rooted in 90's extreme metal, Cynic's has inspired audiences far and wide technically, emotionally, and spiritually. Revered as one of the best living guitarists, Masvidal's enormous body of work, both in and out of the context of metal, speaks to the authenticity of his musicianship. Speaking with him, he has a discernible sageness grounded in compassion and empathy. 

In 2020, after 30 years of musical brotherhood, Cynic's co-founding members Sean Reinert and Sean Malone died. The loss sent shockwaves through Cynic's communities, but it was especially difficult for Masvidal. These men were the backbone of the unequivocal melodies of countless recordings and were considered some of the best of the best in their own disciplines. On this tour, Cynic pays tribute to Reinert and Malone, performing works they co-wrote with him dating all the way back to 1993. 

Grief is a humbling experience and Masvidal is not immune to the grief's life altering power. However, Masvidal has taken grief head on, using it for evolution for himself, his art, and his community. His wisdom is a guiding light for anyone on their creative journey. We're very honored to share this brilliant performance and conversation from Cynic on Audiotree From Nothing! 

Performance tracklist:

  1. Adam's Murmur
  2. Celestial Voyage
  3. In a Multiverse Where Atoms Sing

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