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Knocked Loose drummer Kevin Kaine addresses anonymous allegations, confirms he has no STDs

Kevin Kaine Allegations

A recent post by Kevin "Pacsun" Kaine, drummer of Knocked Loose, aimed to address allegations that have recently circulated on social media platforms such as Reddit and X/Twitter. 

The claims, made by an anonymous person on the r/Hardcore Reddit forum, suggested that Kaine engaged in a sexual encounter at a 2021 show, resulting in pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In his post, Kaine denied these allegations, citing his committed relationship starting in May 2021, and maintains that he had been faithful during that time. He also clarified that no one had approached his ex-girlfriend about the alleged infidelity before the original post was made public. 

Seeking to dispel misinformation and provide a clear perspective on the matter, a notes post from Kaine read:

Hi, it's been brought to my attention that a story about me is floating around Reddit and Twitter. I would like to set things straight as this is not an experience that I had. An anonymous person claimed that we met at a show in 2021 and we subsequently had sex in a hotel room and they left pregnant and having contracted STDs. 

The first show we played in 2021 was in August. I was in a committed relationship starting in May of that year. I have never been unfaithful to her. There were no sexual partners other than her. 

This anonymous person also claimed that they spoke to my girlfriend at the time to let her know that she was cheated on. Coincidentally, my ex and I are very close, just spent the last two days together in Nashville. No one reached out and had a conversation with my ex girlfriend. That was confirmed by her. 

To wrap this up, I also have my personal medical results from a general checkup I had dating April of 2024. I do not have any sexually transmitted diseases. Im posting here for clarity. 

I absolutely hate that this has gotten to the point where I have to share my personal medical information with strangers on the internet. I feel deeply violated that an anonymous person has made up a story about me that l'm left to answer for. I hope this clears things up.


Additionally, Kaine shared the results of a routine medical checkup from April of 2024, providing evidence that he does not have any STDs.

The lab rests read:

Close Kevin, All your labs look good except your ALT- liver enzyme is just slightly elevated at 43. You can follow this education to improve this Watching your diet can help improve your liver enzymes. The following foods can help improve this: Fish, seafood, fruits, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, vegetables, avocados, legumes. Healthy weight management has been shown to improve the liver enzymes as well. You can also look into the Mediterranean diet. Diet and exercise is key to improving your liver enzymes. Your total cholesterol was elevated at 218 and LDL-bad cholesterol is elevated at 146. I recommend the following education improve this: Increase exercise and work on eating a well-balanced diet. Limit white foods (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes), saturated fats, sugary drinks, and dark meats. Your STD labs came back negative. If you have any further questions or concerns you can reach out. 



That original Reddit post referenced by Kainein his response reads:

Warning for other women 

I don't know what's going on with Reddit or why my account isn't showing up I didn't delete it's just bugging out somehow. So to start, I am not looking to stir up drama or instigate anything or ruin Knocked Loose's image. I just want to warn other women, I dont want to engage or argue with anyone about what I know happened to me, and I am using this outlet to keep myself anonymous. Again, I have no issue with the rest of KL and was a big fan before but I feel sick knowing this could happen to someone else. 

I'll try to keep this short as I am just not comfortable going into all the details. Basically, in 2021 l matched with Kevin Kaine on one of the dating apps, at first I thought maybe it was a fake account but we matched and met up. I had been a fan of KL for years and been to multiples shows/festivals and seen them. And I was interested in him at the time so we matched and talked for a bit and he got me guest listed into a show. I guess they had a day off after performing so they stayed at a hotel. When we met up I was really nervous, I'm not going to lie, he got us drinks and I drank way more than I can handle. He was friendly and everything was okay until we went back to the hotel. There we kept drinking and while he didn't force me I felt like i needed to keep up, not saying thats his fault it was just the situation. We had intercourse and I consented in the beginning but he got too rough for me and I kept tapping him and trying to get him to stop when he had his hands around my neck, I felt like i lost consciouness and things were very in and out for me after that and I remember him finishing. I got sick and threw up in the hotel room, I gathered my stuff and called my mom to get me from the hotel. The sex was unprotected and I had not been with anyone else for probably 2 months before this and a few days later I was very uncomfortable, I had bleeding pus filled sores on my lower half, I went to a clinic and he gave me HSV2 and chlamydia. I have never had an STD before and was in a relationship with someone for over a year prior to this. I was in so much pain for weeks and it got worse and worse. The only way we talked was through the dating app and I felt like shit and knew it wouldn't matter if I reached out, l doubt he'd see it, I'm sure at best he'd just deny having given me anything.

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