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Slaughter To Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible discusses controversial black sun tattoo on 'No Jumper'

Adam22 Slaughter To Prevail

In a recent appearance on No Jumper, Adam22's podcast, Slaughter To Prevail frontman, Alex Terrible, openly discussed the accusations of having ties to far-right groups. Terrible clarified the tattoo that raised concerns, the black sun, was a result of his interest in esoteric and philosophical studies. 

He acknowledged the historical association of this symbol with the Third Reich but emphasized that it was a reflection of his past, stating, "I paid this price because I got canceled."

Host Adam22 asked:

I want to ask about this too, that people try to paint you as having a far-right background or I guess it was like a tattoo. People try to make it out like you were down with some racist dudes at a certain point. Is that exaggerated or was that something that you had a brief time period in your life?

Alex Terrible responded (as transcribed by Lambgoat):

About this racist shit, I've never been racist actually. In Russia it was a huge f*cking, not fashion, but wave of right-wing guys, because we had these hard times with the people from the other regions, poor people from the mountains. Actually my wife, she's from the caucasian region, so from these caucasian regions from the poor f*cking small villages, people start to come to the big cities. For example Moscow, and they start to do like gang shit, f*cking dirty stuff, you know? 

And they're screaming "We from mountains!" Being f*cking crazy and people, Slavic people, white people, they start to realize, "What the f*ck is going on? I don't like this," and they start being a part of the right-wing. Like, "Hey, we're going to f*ck you up!" 

And I was hanging out with these guys. They hit gym, they hit MMA gym, they read books, they are doing all this shit. And right before I almost died because of the drugs, so I switched from this f*cking being stupid and stuff, like this switch to radical being a f*cking tough guy, go to the gym, fight for your rights and all this stuff. So I was hanging out with these guys and these guys obviously were right-wing guys. But it's not like Nazis or f*cking racist they just f*cking do this stuff, right stuff. Some of them being f*cking racist, all this shit, I don't give a f*ck. Fair enough to them, I don't judge people, I don't give a shit.

But I had this f*cking tattoo, black sun, because I was reading about this esoteric and f*cking philosophy stuff. But to be honest, this is a Third Reich symbol, f*cking Hitler's f*cking camp, he took it. He took it but who cares? With these symbols people go, f*ck my people, Russian people. We fought fought against this shit. 

But anyway, I did this stuff and I was like, "Okay, right now I'm a tough guy." You know what I mean? Like stupid teenager stuff. But I paid this price because I got canceled and after that, I was like, "Okay guys, I will cover it up. Okay, okay, okay." I was afraid all of this shit, losing my career and stuff, but then after maybe three years, four years, I realize, "Okay, I actually was stupid." You know? I grew up. I grew up and it was in my stupid past, but right now people are saying I'm still Nazi. "He's hiding, he's a Nazi!" I don't give a shit. This is the price I'm paying still, you know?

People don't give a shit about my excuses and it's fair enough.

It's not about even tattoos, it's about my f*cking attitude right now, because it's changed a lot, it's changed a f*cking lot, but I cannot prove it. How can I prove it? So I don't give a shit.

Somebody thinks it's just a f*cking mark on your life, you will not change at all.

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