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The Summer Slaughter Tour fires back at those not satisfied with its lineup

Summer Slaughter Response

After lying dormant since 2019, The Summer Slaughter Tour officially announced its return in March, and yesterday, dropped the bulk of its lineup. This year's tour features Veil of Maya and Brand of Sacrifice performing their first-ever full headline sets, and are joined by Gideon, Left to Suffer, Ten56, Tallah, Cabal, and Brat, so far. 

After the official announcement yesterday, many comments in the tour's official social media posts, as well as our own posts, have been deriding the festival lineup as not up to par with past lineups. Metal Sucks even roasted the lineup in their headline, saying that the "first batch of Summer Slaughter Tour bands announced don't hold a candle to years past." The last lineup in 2019 featured Cattle Decapitation, Carnifex, The Faceless, Rivers of Nihil, Nekrogoblikon, Lorna Shore, Brand of Sacrifice.

Not one to mince words, festival organizer and Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen replied to Metal Sucks post on Instagram and had a few things to say to those (and in particular Metal Sucks) complaining about this year's lineup.

In a now-deleted comment, he said:

regardless if we booked cannibal and fetus or resurrected necrophagist and cynic, you're still a bunch of pro vaccine mandate brainwashed pharma cuck sheep bootlickers. have a good day and bow to your publicly traded owner, posers.

UPDATE: The Summer Slaughter tour has clarified via a comment on our Instagram post on this story that this comment is targeting specifically at "big government losers" Metal Sucks.

We didn't fire back "at those" Lmao we fired back at the @metalsucks big government losers

Another comment made it clear that Metal Sucks themselves deleted the comment:

we didn't delete the comment either, the @metalsucks cowards did.

Additionally, in a response left on the original post from The Heavy Haystack podcast asking, "yall this salty over a Metalsucks article?" The Summer Slaughter Tour account responded:

nah salty over them trying to cancel the founder of the tour cuz he said we shouldn't have to take annual booster shots and reposted woody harrelson's SNL skit

It should also be noted that Metal Sucks and Metal Injection along with the Blast Beat Network were bought out by The Orchard, owned by Sony Music Entertainment in 2022, which explains the "bow to your publicly traded owners" comment. 

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UPDATE: Metal Sucks has responded, saying:

Let the record show that we didn't touch those comments.

And in response to a fan saying "you're arguing semantics when you showed your hand," the response from The Summer Slaughter Tour was:

my hand that I think supporting vaccine mandates for concerts is fn bullshit? yes that's correct

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