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Inter Arma deliver third single from upcoming full length, 'New Heaven'

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Jonah Livingston

Inter Arma has unveiled the third single, "Desolation's Harp," from their upcoming album New Heaven. This track delves into the depths of mental illness, embodying the album's signature balance between finesse and force.

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Guitarist Trey Dalton shared the following:

'Desolation's Harp' is basically our take on a straightforward 'metal' song, something very riff forward. We wanted to write something that felt like us but compact and edited without sacrificing the nuance or complexity. It has a lot of the hallmarks of us— slow riff over blast beat, discordance, and harmony guitars— but in a more concise final form. I'm stoked on our flirtation with brevity, and we hope you are too.



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