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Jinjer reveal live performance video of "Pisces", new album NOT coming this year

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Lina Glasir

Jinjer have shared another offering from the band's first ever live Blu Ray/DVD, Live In Los Angeles, due out May 17th through Napalm Records

Today, the Ukrainian progressive metal outfit have released another track, "Pisces" from the live performance from the show recorded in December 2022. 

The band shared the following:

We somehow missed the point when 'Pisces' became more than just a good song for so many people... only years after its release, we are only now starting to comprehend how people relate to this track, how much it has done for us as a band and why it is so special for so many people. It is always a huge pleasure to perform it live and to hear you sing along. It is almost a spiritual experience…




Additionally, in a recent interview with Metal Hammer vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk has yet to begin working on writing for the next album. Those waiting for a new record tof ollow 2021's Wallflowers may have to wait until 2025.

Shmayluk shared:

I confess that I haven't started writing anything yet. I think I will suffer this year with writing lyrics. There's 99 problems that I have to solve right now - taxes, personal stuff. I honestly can't find the inspiration to write.

You could say I'm inspired in a way - I could write lyrics about stress. But it's not as poetic. It kills an artist. I wish I had someone who could fix my problems for me, so I could only concentrate on beautiful things. While I'm sorting everything, in my head, I play God Am by Alice In Chains. I play one particular line on repeat - 'world dies, I still pay taxes.

Previously Shmayluk stated to Bloodstock TV in February 2022 that the ongoing conflict in her home country was affecting her creative process:

It's easy for me to write about war when it's not happening around me. But when it started, I was absolutely devastated and paralyzed creatively. I cannot write about that. I still cannot process that. I think it's such a great trauma that it takes years and years to process, not only for me but mostly for the citizens of Ukraine, for the victims. I really think that it's not my time to write another war song right now.

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