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Thy Art Is Murder fan given day off for wearing shirt to work at Walmart, Aborted fan follows suit

Death Metal Walmart Employees

Over the weekend a Walmart employee named Christian gained a bit of social media attention after being featured in a post by the Walmart store in Johnsburg, IL while wearing a band shirt. 

After the photo was shared around the internet, Australian deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder eventually noticed it was their shirt in the photo and made a simple request asking Walmart to grant Christian a day off to attend their show in Chicago as long as he sports the blue smock. 

Yo @walmart let our man Christian have the day off for our Chicago show, free tickets if he wears the Walmart smock.


In a follow-up video, Christian announced that he has been given the day off and will attend the show on April 20th at the House Of Blues in Chicago, IL. 

He indeed plans to honor the band's request by wearing his Walmart smock to the event.

I never talk infront of a camera but I tried 🀣🀣 In all serious though thank you everyone who took time out of there day to share and like. You guys are amazing, BECAUSE OF YALL GOT THE DAY OFF BABYYY!!! 🀘🏻🀘🏻🀘🏻

Thank you Thy Art Is Murder for confirming my arrival 🀘🏻🀘🏻so sorry for the awkwardness I'm not used to talking infront of a camera 🀣 I will be there in my vest and I will be in the pit! 😀🀘🏻😀🀘🏻 I hope to see you guys there!!

Thy Art Is Murder responded to Christian's announcement, confirming his spot.

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. See you this weekend Christian! 


Today, another Walmart associate, Jacob, wore his Aborted shirt while working out of the Walmart Garden Center and sitting on a pile of dirt. His photo was featured by his local store in Davenport, IA.

Will Jacob secure a day off and free tickets as well? Your move, Aborted. 

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