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Necrophagia unveil new single "Mental Decay" ft Incantation's John McEntee

Necrophagia 24

Necrophagia's final album, Moribundis Grim, is finally set for release on May 10th through Time To Kill Records

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The Ohio death metal unit has released a second single from the upcoming long awaited LP, you can now stream "Mental Decay". Necrophagia enlisted Incantation vocalist John McEntee to lend his voice to the track in place of the late Frank "Killjoy" Pucci, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Guitarist Serge Streltsov shared the following:

'Mental Decay' is a re-recording of the classic from the 'Season of the Dead' album. Killjoy wanted to update some of those songs with the newer, more modern sound. Plus his vocal style had changed from those years, so he wanted to make it heavier and more extreme. This track was originally supposed to come out for the 30th anniversary of the album back in 2017.

'Moribundis Grim' is Killjoy's final album. These are his last vocal performances. The album features the last Necrophagia live line up: Killjoy Desade, Serge Streltsov, Shawn Slusarek and Jake Arnette, along with special guest John McEntee and previous members Titta Tani and Mirai Kawashima. These songs are the demos the band and Killjoy worked on up until Killjoy's passing. Also featuring re-worked versions of songs from the first album and a Samhain cover. Once again the bastard children of horror and gore capture the true essence of what Necrophagia is all about. Killjoy and Fulci Live! Gore Forever!




Moribundis Grim track list:

1. House By The Cemetery (Cover)
2. Moribundis Grim
3. Bleeding Torment
4. Mental Decay
5. Halloween 3 (Samhain cover)
6. The Wicked (Live)
7. Scarecrows
8. Sundown

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