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Neseblod Records (formerly Helvete), notable black metal record shop in Oslo, NO has burned down

neseblod fire oslo

As reported by VG, news of a fire at Neseblod Records, formerly known as Helvete ("Hell"), is truly disheartening for the metal community and fans of black metal history. The store, originally founded by Øystein Aarseth of Euronymous in 1991, holds significant historical value as a cornerstone of the Norwegian black metal scene.

The store's connection to Mayhem and other influential bands from the early black metal era makes it a vital part of metal culture. The unfortunate incident, resulting in severe damage and potential loss of historical materials, is a great loss to the preservation of this important musical heritage.

The reported involvement of black metal musicians in church fires during the early '90s added to the controversial history surrounding Helvete and Euronymous. The store's closure in 1993 was attributed to the negative attention and controversies surrounding the black metal scene during that period.

The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing, and hopefully, authorities will be able to determine the extent of the damage and any salvageable artifacts. This news is a stark reminder of the importance of preserving cultural landmarks and historical materials related to music and subcultures.

For the time being support can be given via GoFundMe, started by Darren Toms.

Toms shared the following:

Hi, my name is Darren, I have been working with many Norwegian Black Metal bands over the years and Neseblod Records (Formerly Helvete) in the heart of Oslo, it has been part of the scene since the beginning of this unique musical movement, and is the heart & Spirit of the genre.
A fire ripped through the basement and shop last night destroying an archive of rare Black Metal History!, I am starting this Go Fund Me to help Kenneth get back on his feet.

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