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Beloved breaking up

Following the recent departure of drummer Joe Musten, North Carolina's Beloved have decided to disband. The band has put out two releases with Solid State Records since forming 1999. Here's a portion of a statement from the band: "We had discussed other options, and replacements, and we were really close to trying out someone else and continuing as a band. Ultimately, we have come to a decision to not replace Joe, and so we will no longer continue as Beloved. As disheartening as it is for some to end so ubruptly, the decision has been made, and we stand by it. This band has been the foundation for us growing up, and we are proud of every single thing we have ever done together. Anyone who is close to us, or has been in contact with us knows how much we care for everyone that has ever been involved with the band. From friends and family members to fans alike, we have always tried our hardest to be as much as we could to everyone. Our single greatest purpose as a band was to show the love and sincerity we all had in our own lives through our faith in God and through our music. And I hope that if we leave nothing else behind, its that very thing." The band does intend to play one final show, though details have yet to be finalized. Beloved vocalist/guitarist Joshua Moore will continue playing with Classic Case.

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