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Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) has allegedly left the country


As previously reported, Anti-Flag frontman Justin Sane, aka Justin Geever, was planning to leave the U.S. amidst mounting legal pressure, according to an amended complaint released by accuser Kristina Sarhadi and her legal team on March 20th.

Zachary McConnell, a senior associate with McAllister Olivarius, a law firm representing Sarhadi, now says Geever has indeed fled the country to an unknown location.

McConnell told the Pittsburgh City Paper in an email:

We understand that Geever has left the country, but we do not know where he has gone.

The statement previously released by Sarhadi suspected that Geever had been planning to flee as there had been a confirmed sale of Geever's house in Pittsburgh to his partner and had also "liquidated his assets, transferred money out of the country." 

Additionally in the amended statement, it was mentioned that Geever intended to wire transfer his assets to a bank in Ireland, where he holds dual citizenship.

Back in November, Anti-Flag suddenly called it quits, and shortly after, Sarhadi filed a complaint under the New York Adult Survivors Act implicating Geever and Anti-Flag's business entity, Hardwork Distribution, alleging a history of sexual assault.

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