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Cognitive to release new album in May, share new single "Abhorrence"

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Chris Hosey

New Jersey technical death metal outfit, Cognitive, will release the band's fifth studio LP, Abhorrence, on May 17th through Metal Blade Records. Recorded by drummer AJ Viana in his own studio, the effort was then mastered by Metal Blade's Ryan Williams.

Pre-order Abhorrence here

Today, the band has shared the title track from the upcoming record along with an official music video.

Guitarist Rob Wharton shared the following:

There were riffs and ideas that didn't make Malevolent Thoughts…

We just kept toiling away with it. And then we recorded the 'Rot Eternal' single in between touring. So, it's been just nonstop writing.

Our lyrics for this record are all over the place. There's some stuff about video games and addiction and mental health. To me, that's the kind of subject matter that hits home because everyone's got stuff going on in their lives. It's relatable.

We were going through all the song titles and wondering which is the strongest song. We decided to go with Abhorrence. Everyone's so mean and cruel to each other and the world is terrible. We just felt like it kind of encompassed everything. We had put a lot of time into that one specifically because there are so many repeating parts, but it was mostly about depression, anxiety attacks and mental health.

'Abhorrence' is a groove-filled song with a melodic chorus. Heavily syncopated drums make every chug hit harder and harder. It's a song filled with tension and aggressive vocal patterns screaming about anxiety, panic, and depression all at once.




Pre-order Abhorrence here

Abhorrence track listing:
01. Abhorrence
02. Insidious
03. A Pact Unholy
04. Ivory Tower
05. As the Light Fades
06. Savor the Suffering
07. Containment Breach
08. Rorschach
09. Lunar Psychopathy
10. Cold Dead Hands


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anonymous 55 days ago

Ryan Williams is a bad-ass bass player.

anonymous 55 days ago


anonymous 55 days ago

"Recorded by drummer AJ Viana in his own studio, the effort was then mastered by Metal Blade's Ryan Williams." Did anyone mix it or did we skip that step?

anonymous 54 days ago

Is Rob still telling homosexual jokes online? Questionable behavior hmmm

anonymous 54 days ago

Mid band makes mid music, moving on

anonymous 54 days ago

Had a good conversation with the vocalist in Toronto, cool guy! You guys are awesome!

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