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Glassing release final single from forthcoming album, 'From The Other Side Of The Mirror

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Ismael Quintanilla

Austin, TX-based black metal/power-trio Glassing have released their final single, "Circle Down", from the group's forthcoming album, From The Other Side Of The Mirror, set for release on April 26th through Pelagic Records.

Pre-order From The Other Side Of The Mirror here.

The new single comes paired with a Matt Darcy and Johnnie McBryde shot music video, available below. 

Vocalist/bassist Dustin Coffman shared the following:

This was the very last song we wrote for the record, Cory had this really cool beat-down riff that we wanted to integrate and once we figured it out it quickly became one of our favorite parts of the record. Lyrically, 'Circle Down' is about cycles of seclusion and hyper fixation. I don't like going outside or really doing anything at all so I tend to just erode alone in my room. If there isn't a reason to leave I won't so there will be days on end where I don't even go outside and my music gives me something to obsess over.

Guitarist Cory Brim added:

We had finished the initial tracking for this record and felt we needed one more song to make the album complete. We flew Scott to Austin for one last "Hell Week" as we called it, where we locked ourselves in our new practice room at Sonance Rehearsal Studios to write what would be "Circle Down". That space is pretty special, just buzzing with what seems like every bad ass band in Austin. We'd take breaks from writing and hang out with other bands and friends there, the God Shell dudes for example. Portrayal of Guilt practices next door to our room. We even recorded the song downstairs in Andrew Hernandez's studio. Just a special place in Austin to create and document our music.



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