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Candiria guitarist addresses departure

Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia, who recently left the band, has posted a statement on the band's website regarding his departure from the group. Here it is: "First off, thank you all for posting such positivy in regards to my musicianship and creativity. I really do appreciate it.I will continue on being a musician and an artist. That is what I am, and truthfully, it is the only thing I know how to be. I was going to try explaining in detail why I left Candiria and the more I think about it, the simpler it becomes. I am simply not passionate about it anymore. I guess it all began with the new direction of the music. When we were writing for What Doesn't Kill You, all of the members of the Candiria wanted a change, including myself. My idea of change was completely different than the rest of the bands and I found myself struggeling to feel good about some of the new ideas. I remember mentioning to some of the guys in the band the idea of putting out a record with one track on it and it being about 45 minutes in length. The idea seemed crazy to them and myself for that matter but to me, it was an example of Candiria evolving. I wanted to challenge listeners with ambitious musical journeys. I still do. To me, that was what Candiria did best. However, that is my personal opinion and if you ask the rest of the band, they will tell you that the new album is the most ambitious record to date. I will agree that it was by far the most challenging so maybe they're right. Actually they are right, they are Candiria and I am not. Well, that's the main reason why I decided to leave. Being in a touring band that you are extremely passionate about and dealing with all that comes along with it is tough enough. When that passion dies or exhists elsehwere it is time to move on. Mike mentioned how it really is best for everyone that I left and he is right. I would only be standing in the way of Candiria's inevitable success. I'm kind of bumbed that you can't contact me at anymore. So, contact me @ I will be working on my own musical endeavors and if you are interested in what i'm doing I can keep you informed.I would still love to work on other projects with the members of the band and I hope they do as well. I have been itching to record a new Ghosts Of The Canal record. I think it's been a long time between sessions. We are due for a jam. That's all for now."

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