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Dreamwell share Audiotree in-studio performance/interview

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Providence screamo/post-hardcore band Dreamwell visited the Chicago-based Audiotree studio back in November and now they are sharing that performance and interview with fans. 

Audiotree shared the following:

Dreamwell's journey from their 2021 debut 'Modern Grotesque' to their latest release,'In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You,' marks a monumental leap for the band in both ambition and artistry. The band's newfound fury ravages through their Audiotree Live performance. From unadulterated metalcore madness to atmospheric black metal, Dreamwell takes us on an enthralling journey, solidifying their place as frontrunners in the skramz genre. During their interview with Audiotree Host, FINGY, the band chats about their past projects, their experience getting stuck in Texas, and their recording process.



Performance tracklist:

  1. Good Reasons To Freeze To Death
  2. Studying The Greats in Self-Immolation
  3. Obelisk of Hands
  4. All Towers Drawn in the Equatorial Room
  5. Painting Myself in a Darker Day
  6. Blighttown Type Beat
  7. Body Fountain
  8. Sayaka

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