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Power Trip guitarist Blake Ibanez issues an apology for calling someone a terrorist

Blake Ibanez

Recently a pair of screenshots started circulating on Instagram, then spreading across social media, showing Power Trip guitarist Blake Ibanez (also a member of Fugitive) responding to someone on the platform in a direct message saying, "You're a terrorist." 

What this was in response to was unclear, since the screenshot of the message reads, "Post unavailable." 

The second page of the post provided with the screenshot said:

For context on last slide on Blake. Foos a joke. Good job on being an idiot as your band reforms.

This continued with a list of demands from a member of the NYC punk community to help keep Zionism out of their scene due to Ibanez's alleged advocacy for Palestinian harassment. It read:

Keep Zionism out of our scene.

We in the NYC punk scene have worked tirelessly to use our community to bring awareness to, and advocate for, the Palestinian people who are being systematically exterminated, displaced, and betrayed by Israel and the United States.

We have become aware that a member of the influential Texas band Power Trip not only espouses harmful Zionist ideology, but has been advocating Palestinian harassment in the punk community. They play in this band as well as the venues booking them have been made aware of the situation yet have done nothing. As such, it is up to us to use our collective voice and demand the NYC punk community stay safe and fascist-free for everyone.

We are calling on Dan D., who we trust is a comrade to our movement, to revoke the Power Trip booking at Knockdown Center so long as fascist ideology remains present in the band. We are also calling on the bands playing with Power Trip - Ceremony, Frozen Soul, Public Acid, and the final agony to call this out and refuse unless members of Power Trip (PowertripTX) emphatically check Blake Ibanez (@blakeibanez who is also a member of @fugitive_tx) and make a statement addressing the matter.

Should they play, a Palestinian flag and a statement condemning Zionism must be part of the show.

All proceeds must be donated to the Palestinian relief effort.

In response to this, Ibanez issued a public statement acknowledging that the response he gave was an emotional one and extended an apology to those affected, stating:

Hey everyone, 

First and foremost, the most important thing about what l am about to say is: Free Palestine and Permanent Ceasefire now. 

I wanted to take a moment to address claims that have been made about my beliefs on Israel and Zionism, and my actions following October 7th. 

I grew up in a Jewish household in Dallas and have had family and friends living in Israel, a place I have visited before. As the events of October 7th unfolded, a person who I don't know responded to something I had reposted regarding the severity of the attacks in Israel. In my emotional state it felt antagonizing, and I responded by calling them a word that l should not have. 

I can't speak to other people's experiences, but i understand how much weight words can hold, and know that in that moment it must have felt hurtful, dismissive and disappointing to see. I have since reached out to that individual to apologize directly, but want to do so publicly here too. I apologize for any pain, anger or confusion that my posts may have caused to friends that follow me, or fans of my bands that follow me. I realize that I have a platform and ideally I would use it only for amplifying worthy causes and beliefs. On that day I failed, and I am truly sorry. 

I have learned a lot since then, and understand that it is entirely possible to care about the well being of my family and friends and also support a Free Palestine. 

I have never endorsed the actions in response to what occurred that day in Israel and I have never been in support of the occupation. I once again deeply hope for an immediate ceasefire and for the safety and freedom of all Palestenians. 

I appreciate the knowledge that I have gained throughout this experience and am eager to do whatever I can to earn the trust back of those I have let down. 

I have always been proud of what my bands stand for. In that moment, however, I let my bandmates down as well and what I posted from my personal account in no way reflects their personal views or those of the band as a whole. It is nothing that we have ever collectively or individually stood for. It is easy for a band's messages to get blurred as they grow and move into different scenes, but Power Trip never wavered in championing the rights of the oppressed. That was true then, and it is true now. 

Once again, I am truly sorry for the mistake that I made. If anyone has more questions or concerns about it I am here to talk and continue to learn. I appreciate the high standard that the community I am a part of holds itself to, and will strive to hold myself to that same standard always as well.


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