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Psycho Frame joined on stage by Hunter Young (Moodring) for first show

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In June 2023, alt-metal outfit Moodring, hailing from Florida via Atlanta, dropped the bombshell of suspending their touring activities indefinitely. The catalyst for this decision? The health struggles of their guitarist/vocalist, Hunter Young, who was grappling with severe neurological and physical ailments. Young's doctors gave him strict orders, insisting that Young remain confined to his residence during that period.

Despite the setback, Young didn't let adversity snuff out his creative spark. Operating from his home studio, The Swamp Sound, he persisted in crafting and producing music. Prior to the health setback, Young had already begun jamming with Psycho Frame, a deathcore collective featuring dual vocalists Mike Sugars (formerly of Vatican) and Jonathan Whittle, alongside guitarists Aiden Bessent and Jordan Drain, bassist Micah Rojas, and drummer Leo McClain. The band has dropped two EPs in that time frame - Remote God Seeker EP in May the previous year and Automatic Death Protocol EP this past December.

Earlier this year, Psycho Frame announced their high anticipated debut live performance, kicking off with a series of initial shows forming a Southeast mini-tour over the weekend. Fans, eager to catch any glimmer of Hunter Young on stage, were met with disappointment as he clarified that he wouldn't be partaking in the live performances with the band.

The past Thursday night, February 29th, the band took the stage for the first time in Birmingham, AL at LCYMedia with You Will Burn, Wielded Steel, and Balmora also performing. Fans at the venue were taken aback to witness Young joining the rest of the group on stage. A fan-captured video from YouTube account Ashley Caito captured Young's presence on stage throughout most of the show, observing the inaugural performance. Particularly noteworthy was Young stepping forward during the live rendition of "Beaten Beyond Identification," a track from the Automatic Death Protocol EP. He joined the band on vocals to conclude the song before retreating back behind the backline.

(The above mentioned part can be found at timestamp: 15:57)



After the performance, Young would address he decision to join the rest of the band on stage in a series of tweets in which he claims to have spoken to his doctor prior but seemingly could not hold back while his new project was performing their first show.

Young shared the following:

So yeah I went.
Called my Doctor beforehand and it came down to the emotional trauma of missing my own band play its inaugural show or the physical repercussions. I choose the latter.
And then I took it too far and brought the shit. We will see how I feel tomorrow and on.

Even if I'm in bed for a month or more as a repercussion, there was so much work put into this band. I could worsen for no reason REGARDLESS, so am I not going to go support and be a small part of Frame's first show?
I did all the bullshit and busy work for zero fun? I could not.

All that to say, I'm really fucking proud of the work the boys have put in. I trust them to crush it without me, I always did. Ashley is killing it too. But god damn I miss this shit.




Psycho Frame is preparing for their next few shows which will be in May supporting Spite and Bodysnatcher for a week on their upcoming co-headliner and then playing support for Dying Fetus and Full Of Hell shortly after that run. Listed dates are below. Safe to say, Young will not join the rest of his band on these dates, however, here is to hoping he can sometime soon.

05/10 Destin, FL @ Club LA 
05/11 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade 
05/12 Nashville, TN @ Eastside Bowl 
05/14 Charleston, SC @ Music Farm 
05/15 Charlotte, NC @ The Underground 
05/16 Baltimore, MD @ Sound Stage 
05/17 Pittsburg, PA @ Preserving 



05/22 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep 
05/23 Des Moines, IA @ Wooly's 
05/24 St. Louis, MO @ Delmar Hall 
05/25 Louisville, KY @ Portal 
05/26 Nashville, TN @ Eastside Bowl 

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