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Squid Pisser / Cancer Christ guitarist Tommy Meehan will join Gwar on tour

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Tommy Meehan, most known for his unconventional sounds in Squid Pisser and Cancer Christ, has recently joined the touring lineup of iconic shock rock band Gwar, taking over as lead guitarist for Brent Purgason, also known as Pustulus Maximus

In an interview with Guitar World, the guitarist talked about the transition, what he brings to the table for Gwar, and the future of his other projects.

Meehan stated:

I think the Gwar guys and me are like kindred spirits. I grew up with that music; they're like my teachers. I've always loved Gwar, so this is surreal. It's a dream come true.

Discussing the transition, Meehan mentioned his long-standing relationship with the band:

I go way back with Gwar; I was friends with Dave Brockie [founder and rhythm guitarist who died in 2014]. We had Dave in an animated cartoon associated with an old project of mine, and I stayed in touch with all the Gwar guys over the years.

But I hadn't talked to them since before Covid, and I'd started a band called Cancer Christ, and one of my main goals was to tour with Gwar. I actually said that out loud.

About two years later I got an email about opening for Gwar on an East Coast tour. We did a whole month. Brent and I were hanging out a bunch, talking about guitars, and he said, 'This is gonna be my last tour with Gwar.' It was a huge decision for him. That's when he started pushing for me to give it a go and talk to the guys about trying it.

Brent got me up on stage one night in Pennsylvania, and that was the first time I played music with Gwar. I got to know them from there. We started talking more and went through an audition process. I've been going above and beyond to let them know I really want to play with them.

On the prospect of the role becoming permanent, Meehan explained:

As far as it stands currently, we're talking about a permanent situation. We're both feeling each other out with this upcoming tour. 

As far as what the character will look like, he says:

The character will look a lot like Brent's Pustulus Maximus character. It'll be from that bloodline, with a lot of similar features. Physically, there will be pieces modified from recent Pustulus designs.

But all this doesn't mean he's leaving his other projects, Meehan reassured fans:

My band Squid Pisser is doing a four-song EP with Skin Graft Records. It's a teaser for a full album and a 24-page comic book coming out later this year. My other band, Cancer Christ, is also planning its next record.

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