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The Bunny The Bear wants you to test drive a vehicle in exchange for free merch

The Bunny The Bear Test Drive

Scams are nothing new in the music scene, whether it's Jonny Craig selling MacBooks, or Kellin Quinn's hacked account attempting to do the same thing, so fans tend to have their guard up for various online schemes, as they should. 

Today (February 19th), post-hardcore band The Bunny The Bear sparked some skepticism on their official Facebook account by offering an unusual promotion involving a vehicle test drive in your local city in exchange for a free limited edition merch package for everyone who participates.

A post from the band's official Facebook account reads:

We're giving away a FREE limited merch package to EVERYONE.
But there's a catch...
You have to take an hour out of your day, have FUN and test drive a vehicle in your local city!
*Must be 25 or older
*Must have a valid license


Many in the comments seem to be naturally cautious about signing up, many calling it a "test drive scam" to gather personal information. 

The band's frontman, Matthew Tybor, attempted to allay fans' concerns by posting a thumbs-up selfie assuring them that no personal information would be collected and that the test drives would take place at well-known dealerships.

Lmao this is not a scam. TBTB isn't collecting any of your relevant personal information. And the test drive will be at one of your local WELL KNOWN dealerships.

With some questioning what this was all about, Tybor responded:

Aside from the band I run an aftermarket's parts company. It's directly benefiting me and my other business to set up test drives. Figured free merch is a good incentive and the help is extremely valuable to my companies growth lol

Well, that's one way to grow your aftermarket parts company.

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