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Crossfaith release new single "ZERO" and introduce new guitarist


Japanese band Crossfaith has unveiled a new single "ZERO," available to stream below.  

Additionally, the band has announced the addition of Daiki Koide as their new guitarist after their previous guitarist Hiroki Ikegawa departed the band at the end of January.

Koide says:

Since July 2022, I have been playing on many stages with Crossfaith as a support member, and I am delighted to announce that I have officially joined Crossfaith as a guitarist. I have known Crossfaith members for more than 10 years now, since I was a part of my previous band, HER NAME IN BLOOD. Back when my own band broke up, I was struggling and seriously thought if I should stop pursuing a music career. However, Crossfaith was the one that reached out to me and brought me back on the stage. We have been making music and performing together on the same stage for a while, and I always felt like I was part of the band, but officially being the member now, I am ready to go all out without holding back. Everything I want to express will be poured into our new music.  I am very excited to be able to express myself through music again. Please keep supporting us.

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