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Deadguy to reissue 'Fixation on a Coworker' on vinyl


Deadguy, the influential metal/hardcore band from New Jersey, is set to reissue their sought-after album Fixation on a Coworker on vinyl. 

Out of print for over a decade, the band located the original recording, which had been lost, and remixed digital copies of tracks from the Fixation session.

The band shared:

Out of print on vinyl for more than a decade, the Deadguy team scoured the galaxy in search of the original recording of their legendary sole full length only to discover that the tape was sacrificed to the metal gods.

Fortunately, producer and engineer Steve Evetts unearthed and remixed digital copies of multiple album tracks from the Fixation session (in addition to the full White Meat and Work Ethic EPs) before we sent all of it to be remastered and pressed onto gorgeous new limited-edition vinyl on Popgun Records, our original home-grown label from 1994.

We updated the artwork and the insert booklet with a few surprises. And we included the "White Meat" and "Work Ethic" songs to keep the circle pit spinning.

There are no guarantees that this will ever be re-pressed so get yours today. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.



Deadguy Fixation on a Coworker vinyl reissue tracklist:


  1. Doom Patrol - Remixed and Remastered
  2. Pins and Needles - Remixed and Remastered
  3. Die with your Mask On - Remixed and Remastered
  4. Baby Arm - Remastered
  5. Makeshift Atomsmasher - Remixed and Remastered
  6. Druid - Remastered
  7. The Extremist (White Meat version) - Remastered
  8. John Dear - Remastered


  1. The Extremist - Remastered
  2. Nine Stitches - Remastered
  3. Riot Stairs - Remastered
  4. Apparatus - Remastered
  5. Crazy Eddie - Remixed and Remastered
  6. Running with Scissors - Remastered
  7. Apparatus (Work Ethic) - Remastered
  8. Puny Human - Remastered


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anonymous 92 days ago


anonymous 92 days ago

They can't be serious with how they made this. Yea, let's just break up the flow of the album by putting our previous EP tracks in the middle of the album. Whoever's pressing this would have been better off doing a 2xLP release instead of this joke.

anonymous 92 days ago

^ Agreed, dumb. Enough with the reissues of still available or easily attainable stuff.

toxicnacho 92 days ago

Not really needed. And remastered? This album is great just the way it is. Yeah... let's take away what makes the record so great in the first place...

anonymous 92 days ago

Shut the f*ck up, dothack

anonymous 92 days ago

They threw the sequencing out of order to include EP tracks and they DIDN'T remix some songs? Why remix any of it, but if you're gonna, do it all?? And remixed from digital?? JFC yeah, I'll sit this one out.

anonymous 92 days ago

To be fair, the last press was in 2016 by Victory Records and copies have been going for high prices, so I can see why they redid it ever since the label got bought out. They should have just kept the album as is and do the EPs on a separate 12" instead. It just seems like an opportunity that could have had more thought put to it.

anonymous 91 days ago

It seems entirely half assed.

anonymous 91 days ago

Fans of the band Every Time I Die are stoked.

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