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Escuela Grind guitarist says he is being replaced after bringing up "safety concerns"

Thomas Sifuentes

Escuela Grind's guitarist Thomas Sifuentes recently shared that the upcoming two shows will mark his departure from the band. In a public statement, the guitarist cited "safety concerns" as the primary factor behind his exit.

Sifuentes explained:

Big news!

These next two shows will be my last with Escuela Grind. I was informed I'm being replaced after bringing up some safety concerns. It was a fuckin honor exerting every ounce of energy I had for you, all those shows. I was gettin busy ngl! The greatest times though, above all else, was meeting all of you! My new friends. You all pulled me in and sold me on this life again after many years away from heavy music. Until next time you murfuggers! 🤘🏽😤🤘🏽



In the comments, Sifuentes further clarified by saying:

I brought it up, and tried to address how the other members didn't care my safety/ hearing was jeopardized carelessly, and instead they wanted to make excuses for the other member. I was battled at every step for literally trying to not have it happen again. And in response, I was told I was whining and "killing the vibe". Then was told, "we're looking for a replacement anyways". But that's it. Nothing crazy no drama here, we prolly just don't mesh. I'm stoked I got to play all these shows

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