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Initiate share Audiotree in-studio performance/interview

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So-Cal hardcore group Initiate visited the Chicago-based Audiotree studio back in November and now they are sharing that performance and interview with fans. 

Audiotree shared the following:

Hardcore is as massive and eclectic as ever. With numerous acts attempting to expand the genre sonically, Initiate sets themselves apart from the rest of modern hardcore by fusing Crystal Pak's vicious, searing vocals and sharp, metallic riffs with the band's melting pot of melody and groove. Initiate's Audiotree Live session embodies the expansive tastes of each member in order to put on a performance that stands out among the rest. During their interview with Audiotree Host, Psalm One, the band chats about surprises from tour, the Cholula v. Valentina discourse, and what music shaped them growing up.

Performance tracklist:

  1. Waste Your Life
  2. Myopia
  3. Fool
  4. Amend
  5. One in the Same
  6. Fire Starter
  7. Lavender
  8. What You Sow
  9. Alone at the Bottom


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All the audiotree shit sucks. This is no exception

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