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Deftones release new tequila in collaboration with Abre Ojos inspired by their album 'Ohms'


Deftones have collaborated recently with Abre Ojos Tequila to release limited edition bottles celebrating their albums. Today, the band shared the newest release, celebrating their 2020 album Ohms

Statement on the limited release:

Introducing the highly anticipated second collaboration between Abre Ojos Tequila and Deftones, the Ohms-inspired release. This limited edition tequila marks the first of a two-part series that celebrates the iconic rock band.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tequila embodies the essence of Deftones' music and the energy of their fans. Each bottle is a collector's item, reflecting the band's signature style.

Inside the bottle, you'll discover a crafted tequila using the finest agave and traditional production methods.

A blend of 100% blue weber agave grown in the highlands and valleys. The agave are cooked in traditional brick ovens and fermented naturally in open air tanks. This añejo is twice distilled and then aged in used whiskey-American oak barrels for almost two years.

This spirit offers a harmonious balance of flavors, with hints of caramel and oak, delivering a truly exceptional sipping experience.


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