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Nehemiah loses three members

Minneapolis band Nehemiah has lost three original members. Chad Fjerstad (bassist), Steve Klingler (drummer), and Braden Wise (co-vocalist) have all left the group. The current lineup will play one final show together in January in conjunction with the release of their new EP, "Lenore." The band will continue with one vocalist and although they've already found a replacement bassist, they are in search of a new drummer. Contact them here for more information. UPDATE: The band has now provided Lambgoat with the following statement: "We know there are some rumors going around about Nehemiah parting ways, so we are issuing this statement to clear a couple of things up and 'set the record straight,' as it were. First, and most importantly, we are not breaking up. We are, however, making some changes as all bands do when they progress throughout their career. Chad, Steve, and Brady will be leaving the band due to the demands that come with a full time band. Also, we will be continuing under the name Nehemiah. Our reasoning behind this is the simple fact that no matter who is in the band, Nehemiah is Nehemiah. As with all bands, the music will progress with time, but it will always remain recognizably Nehemiah. From our first demo in 2000 to our upcoming Lenore EP, the music has progressed, but the driving force behind it has remained the same and will continue to do so. We need to send out a huge 'thank you' to you, the fans, for all of your support throughout the years. You really do mean the world to us and we could not have gotten to where we are today if it weren't for the enormous support we've received from all of you. To everyone that has come to one of our shows, enjoyed our music, or even given us a high-five, thank you so much, it really does mean a lot to us. We're really excited about touring as much as possible and we've already got some good stuff lined up in the upcoming months to support our soon to be released Lenore EP, currently set for March, 2005. We will be looking for a full-time drummer who will be willing to tour extensively and re-locate to Minneapolis, so drop us a line if you're up to the task. Also, we're currently looking for bands to tour with; email us here."

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