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Fallujah welcomes guitarist Sam Mooradian as full time guitarist

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With the group working on their sixth album, Bay Area tech death metal band Fallujah have officially welcomed guitarist Sam Mooradian to the band full-time. Mooradian will be taking over rhythm guitar duties from Scott Carstairs, who was handling both parts after Nico Santora exited the position.

Both band and Mooradian shared the following statement:

We're excited to announce that Sam Mooradian has officially joined the band as a full-time member of Fallujah. Sam's talents and work ethic have already added a ton of value to our team, even beyond his role as a guitarist, and you can expect to hear his contributions on this next album as well. 

Here's a statement from Sam: 

I'm excited to finally share that I've joined Fallujah as a full time member and guitarist. 
Being the touring guitarist for the Empyrean album cycle was a game changer for me. Being on the road with the guys and ripping countless shows together has been the highlight of my music career, and now I get to take that a step further.

We're currently working on album six, and I'm excited to say that I've been very involved in the whole process. Writing and tracking with the band has felt like a natural extension of touring together, and I'm a little biased, but I think it's sounding absolutely insane. Can't wait to share. 

Finally I'd just like to thank Kyle, Scott, and Evan for welcoming me in. Very excited to keep going down this path.

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