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Chimaira writing new album

Chimaira have been home in Cleveland as of late writing material for their next album. The group plans to enter the studio in January/February to begin recording the effort, which should hit stores in late-2005 via Roadrunner Records.


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Dr_Radiation 11/27/2004 8:14:03 PM

first post.

adam_hellbound 11/27/2004 8:17:21 PM

chimaira. haha.

withdeadhandsrising 11/27/2004 10:56:04 PM

Still a good fcking band. All you lame moshcore kids can't think outside of your camo-shorts and tough-guy posture laden boxes. OMG TEH HAV TEH SIKEST BREAKDOWNZ!!12...shutup.

ToDieFor 11/28/2004 12:36:08 AM

adam_hellbound 11/27/2004 8:17:21 PM chimaira. haha.

xihaevrespectx 11/28/2004 12:50:39 AM

somebody should tell them not to

dead 11/28/2004 3:09:22 AM

does it get any cheesier?

a_new_religion 11/28/2004 4:51:49 AM

... .

wyldweasil 11/28/2004 10:40:46 AM

do they even haev a drummer?

whitelambpowergoat 11/28/2004 12:31:53 PM

all of you haters are just gays. Don't feel shamed just because their last cd actually contained guitar solos and true metal moments while your listening to open e chug for 20 minutes.

Jay 11/28/2004 12:49:15 PM

um...they fcken suck. go cry about it on your livejournal.

willxcore 11/28/2004 1:29:42 PM

they seriously do need to just fckin die. their songs are cheesy and reek of week old nu metal.

bobbydrake 11/28/2004 1:34:29 PM

ugh. chimaira.

withdeadhandsrising 11/28/2004 2:45:38 PM

...someone with "core" in their name shouldn't talk about what's "old" or by any means overdone.

a_new_religion 11/28/2004 5:44:56 PM

....terrible band this chimaairaa or whatever.

ToDieFor 11/28/2004 6:29:37 PM

the funniest part about this news blurb/ the fact that people are actually defending Chimaira. simply amazing. fcking rejects.

ihavegas 11/28/2004 6:32:05 PM

i commend them for making music, at least theyve done something with their lives, even if it is a tad rehashed nu-metal , instead of bitching and moaning on a message board douche bags

LetsGetSerious 11/28/2004 11:43:29 PM they think theyre not nu-metal...fck em.

tiger 11/29/2004 12:37:24 PM

cant any of you spell NEW correctly?

Coroner 11/29/2004 3:34:52 PM

its a shame that they had one of the guitarists from Integrity, and now have Kevin Talley (of dying fetus / misery index fame). it just makes it even worse

buckwheat 11/29/2004 4:50:30 PM

tiger, its not supposed to be 'new', you fcking idiot. nu = new urban.

brutal_jew_attack 11/29/2004 5:36:18 PM

all you spooks are just a bunch of gays

withdeadhandsrising 11/30/2004 11:10:46 AM

the fact of the matter is, they're out there doing something, making more money and getting more ass than any of you kids sitting here bitching about them on a board ever will.

tiger 11/30/2004 2:09:27 PM

haha, get mad.

tiger 11/30/2004 2:10:38 PM

....and, you like the worst bands ever.

zero_x_potential 11/30/2004 3:42:03 PM

ToDieFor 11/28/2004 12:36:08 AM adam_hellbound 11/27/2004 8:17:21 PM chimaira. haha.

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