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Blackbraid vocalist begins work on third album, 'Blackbraid III'


Jeremy Saffer

Black metal vocalist Sgah'gahsowáh of Blackbraid recently took to Instagram to mention he has started work on a third full-length album, Blackbraid III

In the post, the artist explained his absence online, attributing it to the need for solitude during the winter for his songwriting process. 

Details of the release remain largely undisclosed, but he assured fans that updates on the album's progress will come as the winter season draws to a close.

In an update he stated:

I realize it has been several weeks since I posted on this account which is unusual for me. Rest assured the silence is a temporary but necessary one. The solitude of winter has always been an integral part of my writing and this year is no different. That being said it should not surprise you that I have recently begun work on a third full length, Blackbraid III. The details of this release are still largely unknown and there is much work to be done in the coming months, just know that my lack of social media presence during the writing process is a necessary one. As the winter wanes on I will make more updates on the new album as the process progresses. As always, thank you all for your endless support, I promise this is only the beginning

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