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Escuela Grind vocalist Katerina Economou injured during Dallas show

Escuela Grind Katerina Economou

Escuela Grind's Katerina Economou sustained a small hairline fracture and a bruised shoulder after an involuntary airborne excursion over the crowd and onto the floor during the show last night at Cheapsteaks in Dallas, Texas. As a result, the band was unable to complete their set.

It appears the band members were not happy with the security personnel at the venue, citing disrespectful treatment and a lack of awareness around the band's pronouns. They urged venues and promoters to educate their staff for future events.

Despite the setback, Katerina has been given clearance to continue with their scheduled shows, and they were thankful the outcome was not more severe. 

A video of the incident was captured on the band's Instagram, as seen below.

Tonight, the band is set to perform at Mohawk in Austin, TX.

The band shared:

Dallas was so insane that @xsatanx [Katerina] was launched over a crowd, onto the floor in the middle of the pit.. (see slide 2) we didn't get to finish our set.

Katerina has a small hairline fracture, and a bruised shoulder. They're very lucky the doctor cleared them for the rest of these shows. we all know how bad this could've turned out, so everyone is grateful that it's just gnarly bump

On another note, fuck the security guards who did no homework before working a hardcore show and disrespected every artist that walked into Cheapstakes. They treated every one of us like an enemy, and that's not fucking cool. Venues and promoters, take note and make sure to educate your staff.

Also, plz teach them about pro-nouns

Atx tonight @mohawkaustin


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